What Meghan talked about Queen and Kate?

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced in late November 2017 that they were getting married. What they said then seems like a distant past given if we look at their behavior today.

Kensington Palace announced their engagement four years ago, and that November 27, 2017, seems so long ago from today’s perspective. The former royal couple absolutely changed their lives. They shocked the British royal family and moved to the US where they started a new life.

In an interview with the BBC four years ago, the future husband and wife told everyone about their future. At that moment everything seemed to be perfectly fine.Meghan talked about the romantic outing on which Harry proposed to her, and she also looked back on the first time she met Queen Elizabeth.

“It’s amazing that I had the opportunity to meet her through Harry’s eyes, not only as a queen but through the love he has for her as his grandmother. All of her layers were extremely important the moment I met her because I understood everything I knew. “Harry was talking. She’s an amazing woman,” Markle said then.

 Harry then spoke about the moment Meghan met his brother William and his wife Kate.

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“I was very excited. I saw Meghan for a while and I didn’t tell anyone about it. William couldn’t wait to meet her, Kate too,” Harry said then. “Kate is amazing,” Meghan said then.

Harry and Meghan were married in Windsor in May 2018. It was just like a fairytale. Prince Harry and Meghan were legally married at Windsor Castle, as the Archbishop of Canterbury has said.

Family life

A year later they had a son, Archie. After that they had their second child, daughter Lilibet, in June this year.Today they lead completely different lives. The world media has been buzzing for years about the bad relationships that Meghan and Kate have, as well as Harry and William.It seems like everyone is wisely silent about itSince moving to the U.S., William and Harry have completely drifted apart, and while Kate is all adored, Meghan has been targeted by the tabloids as the woman who dragged Harry away from her own family.





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