What to do if you forget to put deodorant on

Photo Credits : bruce mars

In the morning rush, you forgot to apply deodorant, and when you arrived at work, you started to feel unpleasant odors under your armpits. Before you panic and ruin the beginning of a great day, you must understand that there is a solution! 

You can get rid of the unpleasant smell by using some of these products that most women carry in their purses.

What do you need?

Wet wipes to disinfect hands with alcohol and possibly reduce bad odor.

What should you do?

Raise your hands, rub the skin under your armpits with a tissue, and hold your raised hands for a few seconds, that is, as long as it takes for the skin under your armpits to dry.

Why is this working?

An unpleasant odor under the armpit is caused by bacteria. Rubbing the skin with alcohol, which is the main ingredient of these wipes, removes bacteria, and thus unwanted odors.





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