When you should not ignore your intuition?

Photo Credits : unsplash/William Farlow

Intuition is our most important leading voice, which can reveal a lot to us. That is why we must not ignore our inner feeling and our own instinct. You certainly have these premonitions often, but you don’t pay attention to them. 

1. The feeling that something is wrong with our body

It has happened to all of us that we feel physically bad without any visible symptoms. Do not neglect this inner feeling, because our body always warns us in advance before something bad happens. Your body is much more than the shell itself, it is there to protect you, warn you. Unpleasant feelings in the body can also occur due to your emotions. Be sure to observe how you feel about certain people. Do you feel empty, exhausted, maybe you even feel some kind of nausea. That is definitely a sign that someone is bad for your energy.

2. Feeling that you are in danger

This feeling often occurs suddenly, before leaving the house, going on a trip, when meeting someone. Whenever this feeling comes to you, take it very seriously. The unconscious part of the brain knows a lot, although the conscious part cannot register it. So that unconscious part sends you a signal through feelings, and you should listen to it.

3. Feeling you’re right

If you feel that something is right and good for you, then it probably is. As much as other people suggest and tell you that they know what is good for you, know that only you are truly capable of really knowing it. Your heart is your best friend and it guides you in the right direction even before your brain can process logical information.

4Feeling good about new opportunities

This is very simple, if you feel good about some new things, know that you are on the right path. No matter how much something goes against your plans, don’t miss this opportunity. Get out of your safe zone and seize new opportunities, because this feeling does not lie.

5A sense of attraction to someone

Truth is that you feel an instant attraction towards some people, even though you don’t know them. Souls are always recognized. If you feel the need to help a person or be there for them, do so, no matter that you know that person superficially or for a short period of time. Maybe that person will beautify your life, become your best friend, or life companion.

Always listen to your intuition, because it can be your best friend.





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