Who is Robert Pattinson’s girlfriend?

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Robert Pattinson is remembered by many for his relationship with a colleague from the ‘Twilight’ Saga, Kristen Stewart,  and now everyone is wondering who his new girlfriend is. Pattinson was predicted to be the worst Batman in history. However, the exact opposite happened, if we believe the critics. The networks are full of positive comments about the once-favorite ‘vampire’. 

It is certainly a great relief for Pattinson, who himself admitted that he was under enormous pressure because of this role.‘I was absolutely terrified. For a long time, I wasn’t so afraid of the release of one of my films, ‘ he admitted hosting Jimmy Kimmel when he recently appeared on his show.

Many thought that Pattinson would not be able to cope with the reputation that has accompanied him since the ‘Twilight saga’, but with his role in the new film, he managed to turn the water on his mill. His friends feared what would happen to the actor if he failed to do a good job. They calmed him down by reminding him that he was ‘part of something big’. 

‘Okay, but I don’t want to be the worst Batman in history. I don’t want to be remembered for that, ‘ said Pattinson, but in the end, he realized that only the reaction of his girlfriend, model, musician, and actress Suki Waterhouse was important. Everything was changed by her reaction.

‘I’m pretty sure she doesn’t like watching superhero movies, but when I saw her reaction, I thought ‘No way! ‘ and felt a small tear on her palm, ‘ said the actor. Pattinson seems happier than ever. 

Indeed, the mere mention of the chosen one is a big surprise given that Pattinson rarely talks about his private life.

On several occasions, he gave contradictory statements to the media, which later turned out to be false, which is why many thought he was trying to be a ‘Hollywood villain’. However, it seems that things have completely changed since he got in touch with Suki in 2018. On the contrary, he then answered very sharply the questions about his chosen one:‘Do I have to talk about her? If a stranger on the street asked you about your relationship, you would think it was extremely rude. If you build a wall, the situation ends better. I can’t understand that. Some people can walk down the street holding hands, and when I do the same, a bunch of people takes pictures of me. We need to know the line between performance and everyday life, otherwise, we will all go crazy, ‘ said Pattinson. 

Robert is not the only one who has had public relations. His chosen one was in a relationship with actor Bradly Cooper. Robert and Suki did not initially seek a serious relationship, and the relationship spontaneously grew into ‘something more’. 

Foreign media reported that Robert and Suki were once at the same celebration as Suki’s former partner, Bradley Cooper. Bradley and Suki seem to have remained on good terms after the breakup. 





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