Who is the star everyone is talking about? Sydney Sweeny

The “Euphoria” series is in full swing with its second season of sad, disturbed teenagers with emotional, psychological and addiction problems. 

Zendaya is the star of the show. She gained the most in terms of popularity – due to her characteristic name and appearance. However. Casey also stood out, the young actress Sydney Bernice Sweeney plays the character. She is by far the one that is most talked about in the second season.

The character, Casey, has come a long way from the first season, pregnancy and the whole romance with McKay – one of the main characters of the series. Nonetheless, in the new season, he consciously falls into a love triangle with Nate, one of the best guys in the series, and Mady, his best friend.

Casey is one of the most catastrophic figures in the series, in every possible way.

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She is a “walking disaster” but, we can’t help but love her. It must be really hard to be in a series like Euphoria. Fans are especially intrigued by the young actress, who perfectly portrays a mentally unstable teenager in the series. Simply, Casey seems like everything that is happening is becoming too much for her.

Her striking appearance, and especially her striking gaze, is definitely one of the things that fascinated the fans of the series all around the world.

She is even jokingly called the Billy Ailish of the TV industry.

Sidni is in the centre of attention of the fans since the first episode of this season. Her scenes in the series have become cult memes that are recognized even by those who do not follow “Euphoria“. From the scene in which he hides in the bathtub in the first episode, which has been shared on Twitter too many times, to this latest episode in which fans simply adore Casey in the scene with flowers.

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Sydney is only 24 years old, she has almost seven million followers on Twitter. Even before Euphoria, she was already very successful. She started in a number of roles in addition to “Euphoria”, the audience had the opportunity to watch her in the mini-series “White Lotus”, also in HBO production. The actress recently opened up about her nude scenes. She complained that because of them she is not appreciated as an actor. At that time she also stated that going nude does not damage a male actor carrier. However, when a woman does it, it takes her chances for winning awards, being taken seriously and being cast for “big” roles.

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