Why do we hate the sound of our own voice?

Photo Credits : Soundtrap/Unsplash

How many times have you heard your own voice on a recording, and you wondered how it is possible for that voice to sound so different from the one you hear in “your head” – don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

As “Elite Daily” writes, sound enters our ears in two ways, through the air and vibrations through the bones.

When we hear the sound in our head, it is a mixture of both. When we listen to the recording, then we hear only this other part, and so does everyone else. It seems to people that their voice is deeper than it really is. So when they hear the recording they are amazed by the greater emphasis on the high frequencies in the sound of their voice.

When the sound that passes through the bones is mixed with the one that passes through the air, the result is a much richer sound. Unfortunately, what all other people hear is the thinner and more unpleasant sound of your voice.

Dr. William Cullinan from the University of Wisconsin explained that we “hate” this voice because it is foreign to us.

The irony is that you are the only person who “hears” this voice, and you think that everyone else hears it that way – the doctor explained to “CBS”.





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