Why does Normani need this?

The video was released on Tuesday, June 21, and has already collected almost two million views.

Why does Normani need this?

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R&B singer Normani has collaborated with notorious rapper Chris Brown, which is why many condemn her. Namely, she participates in his new music video for the song, as a model, in which they exchange tenderness. The video was released on Tuesday, June 21, and has already collected almost two million views. In the comments below the video, many write that there is a great passion between Chris and the former member of the group "Fifth Harmony", but there are many more who condemn her for agreeing to collaborate with the rapper who beat his girlfriend, and the popular singer, Rihanna.

Users attacked the singer, emphasizing that it is not in her favor to associate her with Brown, given his troubled past. “I have no idea why the new R&B girls feel the need to cooperate with him” - reads a tweet that has collected over 2000 responses. “Why would Normani do that to her career? Chris Brown? Seriously?” - writes one Twitter user.

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Recall, Chris Brown was often in conflict with the law. In 2021, he was under investigation for allegedly beating a woman, and in 2009 he was arrested for beating his then-girlfriend Rihanna. Earlier this year, the "Six" portal revealed that an unnamed woman sued Brown for allegedly drugging and raping her while she was at a party in Miami, in December 2020. “Whenever I release new music or work on new projects, they try to make some sh*t” - Brown replied at the time.

Chris Brown drew the wrath of the world public when he beat up his then-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009 the night before the Grammy Awards. Brown made a documentary about his life, "Chris Brown: Welcome to my life," in which he talked about the time of the incident. Namely, the trigger for the quarrel in the car was another girl, since he admitted to her earlier that he was unfaithful. After this violence, Chris Brown was sentenced to five years in prison, one year of counseling on domestic violence, and six months of community service for assault. Rihanna also talked about the conflict in 2012 when she was a guest at Oprah Winfrey, and then she stated that she forgave him and that he was the love of her life.

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