Will Smith receives Oscar in tears!

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The 94th Academy Awards were held in Los Angeles last night, and actor Will Smith went home with a golden statuette. Recall, Will was nominated in the category of lead actor for the realization of the hit movie ‘King Richard’.

It is about the father and coach of tennis sisters Venus and Serena Williams, their relationship and the way to the top. The story follows the terrible tragedy that struck the Williams family in September 2003.

Namely, the oldest child of the Williams family, Yetunde Price, was killed with an automatic rifle by a gang member near the tennis court where the Williams sisters took their first tennis steps under the guidance of Father Richard. Yetunde was the eldest of five daughters of Serena and Venus’ mother Oracena Price.

Oracena and Yusef got three daughters in marriage, and there are still 46-year-old Isha and three years younger Lynda, who was continued to be cared for by Richard, Serena and Venus‘ father. They were strongly associated with half-sisters, especially the murdered Yetunde because she most often guarded them.

Nurse Yetunde also became their assistant when they started winning their first tournaments, but she never wanted to move out of the troubled neighborhood of Los Angeles where she ended up tragically. Yetunde Price was killed on September 14, 2003, at the age of 31 in as yet unexplained circumstances. She left three children behind her. The killer was caught and convicted, but he never revealed why he shot at the car in which was beloved daughter, sister and mother. The car was driven by her then-partner Rolland Wormley, who is a former prisoner and criminal. She began a relationship with him the same year she was killed.

Yetunde already had two failed marriages behind her at the time. She had a son, Jeffrey, with her first husband, whom she left soon after the wedding after he ended up in prison for assaulting a police officer. And in her second marriage, she did not fare better because she was with a bully to whom she gave birth to a daughter and a son. In 1997, she reported him for threatening her with a knife when she allegedly wanted to take children.

Yetunde then settled down with Wormley whom her family never accepted because he was a gang member at the time they started the relationship. On the other hand, he sincerely loved her but did not want to settle down because of her bad experience with previous marriages.

‘They left her in the vehicle while she was still alive. If they had taken her to the hospital immediately, she would still be alive,’ Wormley told recently.

Police arrested him immediately thinking he had been shot that day as a gang member, which later proved inaccurate. What hurts him the most was the fact that he missed her funeral because of such accusations. The man who shot their car, Robert Maxfield, was later sentenced to 15 years in prison but came out after 12.





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