Will Smith shocked everyone with his biography

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Although best known to most audiences as the main character of the popular sitcom ‘Prince of Bel-Air’ or from many successful comedies and action films, Will Smith (53) entered the world of celebrities with his musical talent. Even as a high school student, with his faithful collaborator DJ Jazzy Jeff, he released his first successful single, and they also became the first Grammy winners in the hip-hop category in history.

 With fame, of course, came wealth, on the youthful Will he was never, as he admits, good with money. He soon went bankrupt and got into trouble for not paying taxes. At the first audition, just the one for the sitcom that will celebrate him and direct his career in another direction, he went practically out of desperation. 

Of course, the role became his, and there he met his future wife Jada Pinkett  (50). She didn’t get her role because the producers thought she was too low for Will and that they wouldn’t look like a compatible couple in the series. Still, Smith noticed her and called her right away, but she wasn’t too impressed. Will married rising actress  Sheree Zampino, with whom he had a son, Trey. That marriage didn’t last long, and Will and Jada’s relationship worked the second time. They got a son Jaden (23) and a daughter Willow (21), who in the following years will prove to be quite distinctive children, and who will give their parents numerous headaches. 

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In his Hollywood beginnings, Will encountered several obstacles, even after the success of ‘The Prince of Bel-Air’. Television actors were not expected to have a particularly successful film career at the time, especially not the dark-skinned ones. Still, thanks to roles in ‘Where the Day Takes You’, ‘Made in America’, and finally ‘Six Degrees of Separation’, for which he turned down much more financially lucrative roles, Smith positioned himself as a great actor, easily winning over audiences, but also criticism. Shortly afterward, he recorded ‘Bad Guys’ and then his first blockbuster ‘Independence Day’. A great Hollywood career was successfully born. 

Although the days of his biggest roles are definitely over, Smith is still one of Hollywood’s most sought-after actors, and for his latest film ‘King Richard’, in which he plays the father of tennis icons Venus and Serena Williams, he collected $ 40 million. Film critics speculate that he is also smiling for an Oscar nomination, and the film, which is currently playing in cinemas, has earned mostly positive reviews. 

At the premiere, Smith posed with his wife Jada and children, and although they look quite harmonious in the photos, their marriage is a frequent topic of American and world showbiz media. The actor’s current biography, simply called ‘Will’, certainly didn’t help, and he seemed to have decided to shock the public at all costs.

 In a book that occasionally exceeds even interest in the aforementioned film, Smith talks about marital infidelity, but also the agreed terms between him and Jada, in which they had other partners. He also wrote about doing drugs, suicidal thoughts, the piquancy of sex life, Hollywood, but also growing up.

There was a lot of talks and writing about Scientology, which the family denies was ever their choice, but the connection has been rumored for years, as well as Jada’s love affair with the late rapper Tupac Shakur, which drove Will crazy. 

Of course, also about the actor’s open confession that he actively thought about killing his violent father and thus avenging his mother. His children, meanwhile, are ‘researching’ on social media, so they recently read the works of Osho, the leader of the sect about which the acclaimed Netflix documentary ‘Wild Wild Country’ was filmed, and Will proudly admits that they were never restrained in anything, so they were not even sent to school but were educated from home. 

Maybe it was necessary to draw the line somewhere after all. 





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