Without oven and mixer: Hit recipe for apple cake with one egg that everyone loves

When you don't have too many groceries in the kitchen and refrigerator, and you want a quick dessert, look for salvation in this delicious apple cake for which you only need one egg, two apples, and a minimum of additional ingredients.

Without oven and mixer: Hit recipe for apple cake with one egg that everyone loves

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This recipe has been a real internet hit in recent weeks, also because you don't need a mixer or an oven to prepare it.

Namely, it is baked in a pan on the stove or hob. Many have posted their variants of this dessert on social media and YouTube, and we bring you a recipe from the Arab Sweets channel that has garnered nearly 10 million views so far.


- 2 large apples
- 30 g butter
- 30 grams sugar
- cinnamon if desired

- 1 egg
- 30 grams of sugar
- 8 grams of vanilla sugar
- 30 ml of oil
- 150 g of yogurt
- 140 g of smooth flour
- 8 g of baking powder


1. Peel the apples first, then wash, halve and remove the pits, and finally cut them into slices.

2. Beat the egg with the sugar and vanilla sugar. Add the oil and mix well, followed by the yogurt. Finally, mix in the flour mixed with the baking powder, which you can also sift first. Stir with a whisk until you get a smooth texture.

3. Melt the butter in a pan and then add the sugar and stir. Then put the apples in the pan and simmer on low heat for about 10 minutes. Then add cinnamon if desired and stir. Pour the prepared mixture over the apples, lightly flatten it with a spatula to completely cover the apples. Put the lid on the pan and bake the cake for 10 minutes.

4. Then use a toothpick to check that the inside of the cake is dry. If there is no wet residue of the mixture on the toothpick, turn it over to the other side so that it also bakes. The easiest way to do this is to cover the cake with a pan-sized plate, then turn it over with the pan and serve it on a plate. Then simply move it from the plate back into the pan. Cover the pan again and let the cake bake for another five minutes.

By: Olivia J - Gossip Whispers