Photo Credits : Blizzard/Promo

Dragonflight will introduce Azeroth dragons to the center of the Warcraft story for the first time since 2010.

Azeroth and his heroes will soon take off again and literally in the latest World of Warcraft expansion, Dragonflight.

Blizzard officially unveiled World of Warcraft: Dragonflight during the live broadcast!

Through the video, players were able to “fly” through the history of Azeroth, before it was revealed how dragons returned to the modern world to defeat ancient opponents.

Dragonflight will be putting Azeroth Dragons at the center of the Warcraft story for the first time since 2010 when we played the Cataclysm title.

Aspects needed assistance from mortal heroes, or players, in order to reclaim their power and combat the new evil. To accomplish this, players must go to the Dragon Isles, which will be separated into five zones.

In order to enjoy the new zones, players will have to learn Dragonriding, a new management technique reminiscent of gliding and flying, which we will already be able to try in earlier WoW titles.

The new expansion will also include a new race of Dracthyr: dragons that change their appearance with draconian and humanoid forms. Dracthyr will only be able to play as Evoker, a new class we will get with Dragonflight. 

Evoker has two specialties to choose from Devastation, the first new ranged DPS we’ve got since the original game came out, and Preservation, a healer. Dracthyr can join either the Alliance or the Horde and will start in its own special starting area, at a higher level than other starting races and classes.

In addition to these innovations, Dragonflight will also bring many minor changes that will delight players. Professions are getting a huge upgrade, and Blizzard is introducing a much better UI, which will allow players to do what they want, without having to download add-ons. 

It is not yet known when Dragonflight will be released, but Blizzard has revealed that we will soon get more information for the alpha version of the game.





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