XIAOMI + LEICA: It's official now

XIAOMI + LEICA: It's official now

Photo Credits: Xiaomi/Promo

While we are waiting for the first official sales results of the Xiaomi 12 series, the official confirmation of the Xiaomi and Leica partnership is arriving.

There was a lot of rumor about it on the Internet, and now it has been announced - Defining moment. The new era.

Xiaomi definitely needs the moment that will turn things in their favor - they have strong sales, they have good phones, but they need the WOW FACTOR, which will set them apart from everyone else, and in the premium segment, where the company Xiaomi is trying harder now, which is probably the hardest step.

The camera could certainly be what sets them apart, and Leica is a name that suddenly appeared in the mobile industry experience teaches us from Huawei phones that it made a real boom and was exactly what the mobile phone market needed.

The partnership is exclusive and we will see the first Leica Xiaomi device in July 2022, which coincides with the premiere of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra phone, but no one has confirmed that yet.

Leica will sign Xiaomi cameras exclusively in the flagship category and will not do the same as ZEISS, which works with phone manufacturers on cheaper models. Therefore, according to a statement from two companies - Xiaomi and Leica, it will take mobile photography to a whole new level and provide outstanding quality for both photos and videos.

As usual, as is the case with such announcements of cooperation, only time (and the premiere of Xiaomi 12 Ultra ) will show us how the partnership will run, but we should not expect a real revolution with the first device immediately, which will follow later. 

In such situations, we already know of two variants of cooperation - in one there is only a mobile phone manufacturer that uses the company's brand for cameras and several filters in imaging or recording applications, and in the other jointly developed hardware and software.

Leica has been doing the latter with Huawei, so it remains to be seen if it will do the same with the Xiaomi team this time. After all, we will know everything quickly, because - July is not so far away!