You will want THIS fireplace!

Photo Credits : Stéphane Juban/Unsplash

You don’t always have to spend a lot of money to have what you want and decorate your home to your liking.

Sometimes it only takes a little effort, imagination, time, and very little money to arrange your corner.

And now is the right time to make an imitation of a fireplace that completely gives the impression that it is real.

You can play with colors, decorations, and different types of materials, and lately, a styrofoam fireplace is very popular as a holiday decoration.

And indeed, we can rarely imagine the New Year and Christmas without a fire crackling in the fireplace, lamps, and Christmas trees.

To make this fireplace you will need:

  • A few boards of thicker styrofoam
  • Hot glue (so-called silicone glue)
  • decorative wallpaper with imitation stone


First, choose what you want your fireplace to look like. By this is meant the shape and structure, as well as small details. If you want it to be square, you need to cut equal sides, the back of the fireplace, the bottom, and the top plate. Cut the sides so that they are the same size, and also the top plate and the bottom part should be the same.

You can connect the parts into one whole, either with the help of silicone glue or with the help of toothpicks, by stabbing them in both parts and connecting them that way. Finally, cut out the decorative elements and glue them to the front of the fireplace.

To make the fireplace look as beautiful as possible, the advice is to carefully and precisely stick decorative wallpaper with imitation stone over the styrofoam. To achieve the final effect, stack the wood inside the fireplace, and place light bulbs over and between them.

Watch the video that explains how to make a styrofoam fireplace:





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