5 Best Prank Call Apps to Use When You’re Bored


Prank-calling apps can be used to spice up conversations with friends. They’re entertaining and can start a conversation. Instead of faking your phone number, which can get tiresome after a few failed prank calls, you could use one of these instead. As a result, many people resort to using dedicated prank call apps.

There are numerous prank call apps for cell phones, but here are the five best apps you should try.

  1. AndroidRock Voice Changer

Prank call apps have a lot of functionality. Tools like voice changer apps also let you add special effects to your calls in realtime. Some people can spoof caller IDs. The latter is where AndroidRock Voice Changer shines. The app’s extensive content means you won’t quickly be weary of using it. A call can be recorded and saved and then edited or enhanced later. With enough recorded responses, you may have fun and make prank calls on people for free.

  1. BTS Call

Need a new prank call app? Listen to BTS’s latest album, “Call.” This software is great for pretending to be BTS, the popular K-pop group. As a result, it is most effective when used on fellow members of the BTS Army.

It’s possible that the app’s phony calls won’t always convince you because they seem to be coming from BTS members, but that’s because that happens so rarely. You’ll likely merely laugh at your friend’s first reaction to the boys appearing on television.

That you select which team member calls you makes the app fun. Hence, you can maximize your friend’s shock by catering the call to their particular biases. But remember that you can’t use the app unless you have access to Wi-Fi.

  1. Call Voice Changer – IntCall

Call Voice Changer – IntCall may be helpful if you want to make prank calls regularly. Use the app to join the joke and tell the caller whatever you want.

This app only alters your voice, so your friends won’t realize you’ve switched identities. The best part is that you can change the effect settings in the middle of a task, and it will finish it immediately. Your voice, for example, can range from deep and sinister to high and childlike.

  1. Crack & Break It!

Crack & Break It is one of the best prank-call apps because it allows you to make various cracking sounds. It already has an extensive library of sounds, including bottles, balloons, and fluorescent tubes breaking. It’s also possible to improve the quality of the sounds during a call by using better speakers, and those sounds will be authentic.

If it works as advertised, it could be a great alternative to other prank-calling apps. It could even help you skip out on several events if you devise a good enough excuse.

  1. Fake Call Police – Prank

Prank call apps include the ability to spoof a caller ID and make it appear as if it came from a loved one. However, not every app is designed to make prank calls to the police. This is why you should download the Fake Call Police – Prank app to your smartphone.

This app does exactly what you would expect it to do. To cause mayhem and confusion, you can impersonate cops and call your loved ones. The caller ID and caller name can also be changed. You can set up a call schedule, choose from a library of prerecorded voices, and use your photos as caller ID, just like other prank callapps.Visit call bomber and sms bomber

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