5 microtrends to spice up every autumn outfit: Get inspired by urban girls from Instagram!

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What is a microtrend? Some might argue that this is a seasonal/transient trend as a result of the capriciousness of today’s social networks. And while that may certainly be the case, we would suggest another point of view. Contrary to the main trends of the season, the microtrend can unite those aesthetic differences and unexpected details that result from not following that well-trodden path.

That is why they enliven and brighten up clothes, and offer innovative crafts of classic styles. Also, a microtrend can be a very personal thing: a special detail that makes you stand out.

For that reason, we have analyzed social networks and singled out the ones that might interest you: Consider unexpected colors, belts, and chic feather decorations.

Best tip: If you want to experiment with a new look without overdoing it at the start, we would recommend you to try either the option of renting clothes (oh yes, it is now offered by the great Jean-Paul Gaultier) or second-hand shops where you will find the whole range of unique fashion gems. 

Below, discover 8 micro trends that will rule next season.

1. Striped sweater

Incorporate a little Gossip Girl vibe into your autumn wardrobe with an interwoven knit on your shoulders. With stripes as a fashion accessory, you will not only be in trend this season but every season.

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2. Plaid mini-skirt

The mini-skirt is back for autumn 2021 – just add knee-high boots and a skirt.

3. Colour-pop knitwear

Autumn clothes do not have to be exclusively in neutral colors. Why not bring some joy to the colder months with colored sweaters? Fashion designers dare to choose impressive outfits from head to toe, and those who like to play it safe should choose only one effective piece in combination with jeans.

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4. Fringe clothes are back in fashion!

A fringed hem can do wonders for a classic beige camel coat, but also other fashion pieces.

5. Don’t be afraid of patches!

A micro-trend that will be adored by all generations from 7 to 77. It can’t help but brighten up your outfit and put a smile on everyone’s face.

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By: Helen B.





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