6 Practices to Increase Mindfulness Among Children

increase Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to the moment, on purpose. It involves acceptance without any judgment.

School life is the most exciting and joyful phase of life. Students really enjoy their school life, but it is seen that some students found school life a little stressful because of exams, changing schools, coursework deadlines, and not getting along with friends. Like other schools, Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah one of the leading cbse schools in howrah provides the best education to its students.


Mindfulness is the act of paying attention to the moment, on purpose. It involves acceptance without any judgment. Mindfulness in students should be increased in many ways. By teaching children mindfulness and meditation skills, the teachers of the best school in Howrah help to increase their well-being and enable them to meet the stresses of the world with presence, self-compassion, and openness. When students practice mindfulness, they experience lower stress, better cognitive functioning, and a positive influence on academic achievement.

Increasing mindfulness among children

  1. Start your day with a 5-minute meditation session
  2. Go on a nature walk
  3. Plan a digital detox day
  4. Practice gratitude
  5. Eat mindfully
  6. Practice belly breathing

Start your day with a 5-minute meditation session

This is one of the best practices to increase mindfulness in children. Not only parents but the teachers of the Howrah Cbse School try to explain the benefits of meditation to the students. The child needs to start their day early with a meditation session. It could be 5 to 10 minutes. Meditation is a process of focusing all your attention on a particular object; it could be an image of your breath. Practicing deep breathing can relax the body and the mind.

Go on a nature walk

Children can go on a nature walk. Connecting with nature is the best way to calm down your senses.  Whenever you feel stressed up, go on for a walk. While walking, you must pay attention to the trees and the chirping of words and experience the power of nature. Bring your sense of curiosity and adventure and allow yourself to lead the way.

Plan a digital detox day

In today’s digital world, you cannot totally refrain from using electronic devices. However, you must keep in mind that the excessive use of digital devices can lead to anxiety, stress, and even depression. Also holding digital devices for the too long run can cause pain in the hand, neck, and shoulder. Refraining from using digital devices can help you use your time more productively.

Practice gratitude

Gratitude is a feeling of being thankful. Gratitude is a positive emotion to show appreciation for little or big things in life. The best way to feel gratitude is to do random acts of kindness. You can compliment a friend you can help someone in the family to run errands or send somebody a ‘thank-you’ or appreciation note.

Eat mindfully

Doing anything mindfully means paying full attention to it without any judgment. Eating mindfully is enjoying your meal with all your senses.  Pay attention to the textures, shapes, colors, and smells of the food. The best way to eat mindfully is to sit alone or with family without any distractions such as TV or smartphones.


These are the six practices to increase mindfulness among children of Cbse School in Howrah. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the best school in howrah for the admission process and get all the details

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