A great trick for covering gray hair!

Photo Credits : Flashpop

Going to a hair salon sometimes twice a month is not a rarity for ladies who find it annoying that their hair is slowly becoming gray. Some lucky women don’t start turning gray until they are in their forties, but more and more girls are starting to get gray hair in their twenties. Although gray hair color is an absolute trend, gray hair is not welcome, so we would rather get rid of it as soon as it comes to the surface.

There are various tricks to cover up, and we have singled out a genius one suggested by Matt Newman, a popular New York hairdresser. He advises covering gray hairs with tinted eyebrow gel. In addition to concealing gray hair, eyebrow gel will visually make your hair thicker.

If you use the gel at the roots of the hair, in addition to visually making the hair fuller and thicker, you will hide all the drays. The color of the gel must match the rest of the hair, in order for the effect to be as natural and convincing as possible.





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