A Guide to Choose Dresses for Ladies to Look Chic & Stay Warm


The priority of each person remains comfort and protection from the cold when it comes to the winter wardrobe. Most people would tend to forget their fashion sense when the cold breezes and snowy days begin. The fashion of almost 70% of people consists of baggy jackets, fur coats, scarves, and boots. It would not be an exaggeration to state that many people consider the winter season and style archenemies. But you can still flaunt your style despite the -1°C temperature. Know that the low temperature does not mean you cannot have fun in the winter season. A little bit of attention to your layering can make you dress warm and chic at the same time.

Most of the time, it is easiest to fetch whatever the fuzziest and oversized hoodie you can find in the closet and go on with your day. But that baggy hoodie can make you look frumpy. Winter and fashion can go hand in hand if you consider layering and selecting the right items to pair. Nowadays, knitted dresses, jumpsuits, and Onesies For Females are gaining immense popularity. These one-piece outfits look the best on all body types and can make you feel cozy. It is incorrect to think that you cannot choose to dress up fashionably and feel the warmth. 

The only thing that can save you winter from freezing yourself is layering. Layering will help you stop the body heat from escaping. Tramping the body heat inside the body will make you feel warm. Layering often consists of a three-piece outfit. The first is the base layer, the second is the mid layer, and the topmost layer is the outer layer. Many people have a big misconception about layering. They think you need to opt for heavy layering to keep yourself warm. But in reality, layers need to be thin and warm. Wearing bulky layers can make you feel tired. You can find many inner layers that are lightweight and warm enough for the winter season. 

How to dress up in the winter season to look chic while staying warm:    

Looking fashionable and staying warm might seem no less than a challenge, but it is achievable. Fortunately, our fashion gurus are helping us with many trendy clothing ideas to protect us from the cold and make us look chic. The only tip is to invest in the right pairing to make yourself look dapper. Read the below guide to know how to dress up this winter season to stay on top of fashion and keep yourself warm. 

Dress up in the three layers:     

The best winter advice you have to get from anyone is to dress up in three layers. The base layer should consist of thin and moisture-absorbing fabric. You can invest in a cotton shirt for the base layer. For the middle layer, you need a thick material. It will help you with insulation. The topmost layer can be a long coat or a fur jacket. The top layer is often the one that can provide you with a barrier from the cold and rain. 

Top your dress with a chunky knitted sweater:     

A cropped knitted sweater is one of the staple clothing items in your winter wardrobe. These knitted sweaters are warm and look chic on all body types. Besides, you can find a variety of prints and patterns in knitted sweaters. You can wear a sweater over your dress or a long-sleeved shirt. Make sure your knitted sweater hangs loosely over your waist for a trendy look. Try to experiment with funky colors to make yourself a statement outfit.    

Invest in a turtleneck:     

Another winter classic you should have on yourself at all times during winter is a turtleneck. Stocking up on these warm turtlenecks is a decision you will never regret. Turtlenecks are inarguably the most fashionable accessory for the winter wardrobe. The best thing about turtlenecks is that they can go with any outfit. Initially, turtlenecks gained popularity in the late 1800, and still, they seem to be trending everywhere. 

Accessorize with a woolen scarf:     

Scarves are the top accessory, no matter which season. In the summers, silk scarves were gaining high popularity. Now in winter, the woolen scarves are the talk of the town. Wrapping your woolen scarf around your neck will keep you warm enough even on the streets. Embellished scarves are one of the easiest ways to revamp any look. 

Knee-high boots are in trend:     

Shoes have the most impact on the attire that we most often tend to forget. Classic knee-high boots are back in trend, and we cannot be happier. A pair of knee-high boots will work perfectly with your favorite top paired with leggings, or wear them with a long knitted dress. You can also pair the knee-high boots with your midi dress.  

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