Advantages of using the hybrid solar system for a household


Advantages of using the hybrid solar system for a household

A hybrid solar system is a system in which during the day energy is produced through solar panels while at night batteries are used as the source of energy at night. These batteries work like a storage unit and they store the excess energy generated from the solar panels which don’t get used up during the day. A hybrid solar system is great for homeowners as they work like a backup power unit during times of blackout.

Just like any solar panel system, this system is also connected to a grid and also uses photovoltaic materials for the process of collection and conversion of sunlight for generating energy. Many homeowners have switched to using solarpanel mono oder polykristallin as they transform their households into using a hybrid solar system to run the functions in their house. There are many types of hybrid solar systems, the types are listed down below.

  • Basic hybrid units – This kind of solar unit is mostly seen around houses of many people because this is more cost-effective than the other types. The working mechanism of this type of unit is very much similar to a grid-feed solar power unit, moreover, it also stores solar energy in batteries like lithium akku for future use.
  • Multi-mode hybrid unit – This unit is a much more advanced hybrid inverter that has the capability to have backup power which is either built inside the unit or comes as a separate part. This kind of supply unit has the ability to power a home and charge batteries, if there is any excess power then it can be fed into the grid line. This system can easily operate on its own from an electricity grid in case of a power blackout.
  • All-in-one battery energy storage system – A battery energy storage system is a package of hybrid inverters with a battery system that forms one complete unit. These types of systems are usually the size of a medium-sized fridge but there is a wide variety of sizes available in the market. Homeowners can also use this type of system with an existing solar unit.
  • Advanced AC-coupled system – An AC-coupled unit is a hybrid system that consists of two types of inverters that work together for powering a house. It is a pretty standard solar inverter that has a multi-mode battery inverter setup. The multi-mode inverter works like a lithium akku charger which completes the energy management system by using its programmable software. The working mechanism of a multi-mode battery is the same as that of an off-grid inverter but this has the added benefit of controlling the grid connection. This type of system is extremely to set up and can be set up in such a way that it automatically starts and successfully runs a backup generator.  

 Why should one choose a hybrid solar system?

 A hybrid solar system is best for those individuals who want to maintain the functionality of their homes during sudden power outages. Below listed are some of the reasons why hybrid solar systems are great for homeowners of today.

  • Cost-Effective – A hybrid system gives an added benefit to homeowners by securing them from future hikes in energy prices. Using a hybrid solar system also helps a homeowner in lowering their electricity bills of the present day. Thus decreasing their overall cost of living.
  • Uninterrupted Power – Many homeowners use a hybrid solarpanel mono oder polykristallin because they are designed in such a way that they can even provide power at times of outage. Moreover, it saves an individual from problems like appliance failures or voltage fluctuations which can be caused by power outages.
  • Sustainability – Hybrid solar systems are designed in a way that they fulfill the current energy needs while accommodating future expansion. Additionally, this system is an eco-friendly option for individuals who want to lower their carbon footprint.
  • High efficiency – Hybrid solar systems have the ability to generate power in all weather, unlike their traditional counterpart which fails to do the same. Thus they are highly energy sufficient.
  • Better load management – Hybrid solar systems have the ability to store energy from the sun during the daytime and later on distribute that stored energy during the night. According to the power requirement, this system automatically adjusts the supply of energy.

How to use solar energy for saving the planet?

 Sun is the source of solar energy, which makes it renewable in nature. Solar energy plays an important role in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases while protecting human beings, wildlife, and the ecosystem as a whole by mitigating climate change. Some of the benefits of solar energy for saving the planet are listed below.

  • Reduces water usage – Traditional electricity sources use water for generating energy while it is not needed for the proper functioning of solar panels. Hence they can efficiently generate energy while still reducing the usage of water.
  • Helps solve air pollution – Air pollution is one of the biggest problems of today and it causes many health problems like anxiety, headaches, heart attacks, asthma, and bronchitis in the human body. Solar energy can reduce carbon emissions into the air which can result in health deterioration.
  • Lowers carbon footprint – Solar energy is an eco-friendly and clean form of energy, it can generate energy without using fossil fuels, which is one of the biggest contributors to the carbon footprint.

 Final thoughts

Homeowners around the globe are shifting to hybrid solar systems as they are great for solving the issue of climate change. An individual can cut down their cost of energy while living a sustainable life with the help of this energy-efficient system.


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