Angus LDA600, LOADSTAR, and Rosenbauer OTTER Portable Diesel Fire Pumps


If you’re in the market for a new portable diesel fire pump, you’ve got
a few choices to make. Among the options are LOADSTAR, Darley
Davey, and Rosenbauer OTTER. Each of these pumps is excellent in
its own right, but if you want a little more flexibility, you’ll
probably want to look into a pump that can operate off your
vehicle’s gas tank.

Angus LDA600

The Angus LDA600 is a light weight, compact portable fire pump
which can be carried by two people. It offers the best combination
of high pressure fire fighting performance and efficiency. A wide
range of flow rates can be achieved from 600 l/min at 7 bar to
over 1,400 l/min at 2 bar. There are also two hand lines for direct
fire fighting. Powered by a five litre fuel tank, it has a working
time of one and a half hours at its top speed.
These pumps are a vital tool for modern fire fighters. Their robust
design ensures that they can withstand the pressure of a large
input and are resistant to corrosion. They are manufactured to ISO
9001:2000 standards, and they comply with European noise
emission regulations. In addition to their quality and durability,
these pumps are designed to be efficient and reliable.
Angus Fire produces a wide range of firefighting equipment,
including fire hoses and foam concentrates. They operate an ISO
14001 environmental management system, and have been assessed
by the British Standards Institution.


The LOADSTAR portable diesel fire pump is a top choice in the
heavy service industry. These pumps are built to the highest
standard and feature quality that you usually find only on more
substantial units. They are manufactured in the United States and
are made using the finest components available.
There are four main models in the LOADSTAR line. The B2X-23 is
a mid-range fire pump that is specifically designed for dual attack
lines operations. It combines both pressure and volume and is ideal
for remote water transfer.
The STRIKER-3 is another popular choice for firefighting and slipon applications. Built on the same platform as the BB-4(r), the
STRIKER-3 offers many of the same features as the BB-4, while
adding in some of its own. This model also has the ability to work
in tandem with other WATERAX pumps, so it can prove to be an
effective multipurpose tool. One of its greatest benefits is its ability
to deliver additional pressure in the event of a fire.

Rosenbauer OTTER

The Rosenbauer OTTER portable diesel fire pump offers a
combination of compact dimensions, high output, and diesel drive
for maximum performance. It is certified according to EN 14466.
Portable pumps are designed to allow firefighters to be near action
without sacrificing safety. They are available in a variety of sizes
and powers, from the super-portable Otter to the high-powered
Fox. Both offer a range of advantages, including a switchover valve
that lets you supply water at any speed. In addition, they offer
automatic piston priming for optimum performance. You can also
purchase a protective enclosure for use in buildings and a pressure
gauge for accurate measurement of pressure.
Aside from its compact dimensions, the Otter is easy to operate. It
features a tubular carrying frame with four swing-out type handles.
It is also equipped with a high-performance hand-priming pump
that can reach suction heights of up to 7.5 metres.
Rosenbauer also has a range of ultra-high-pressure (UHPS) systems,
which are ideal for high-speed attack engines. These are designed
to deliver a 2,500 litre per minute flow at 4 bar

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