Aniston confessed: It was very disturbing

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Jennifer Aniston admitted that she left the shooting of a special show of the reunion of Friends several times. She told The Hollywood reporter that the filming reminded her of hard times and that she was overwhelmed by emotions.

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In this interview, she also referred to her career after the end of the series, which did not progress as planned. 

“Everything was very disturbing and, of course, there were cameras everywhere, and I was overwhelmed by emotions. That’s why I had to leave filming at certain moments. I don’t know how that didn’t end in the final version of the film,” Jennifer said. 

She went on to talk about how she felt when she came back to the former set of the series. 

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“Time travel is hard. I think we were all so naive when we got into it, thinking, ‘How much fun is this going to be? They’re putting the set together again, exactly the way it was.’ Then you come and say you didn’t think about what was going on the last time you were there.It just surprised me because it was like, ‘Hi, past, do you remember me? Do you remember how hard it all was? You thought there were waiting for you only good things and that life will be wonderful, and then you went through perhaps the most difficult period in your life? ‘”Jennifer said.

When she was asked in an interview what made her emotional on set, she explained that she recalled an acting career after Friends. 

“There were more personal things that I expected to change. We all had an idea of ​​what our future would look like and what we were going to focus on.Then everything changed overnight and that was it. But again, yes all that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be sitting here as the woman I am today, ”she pointed out. 

She also referred to the confrontation with the tabloids, which often wrote about her life. Especially after the divorce from Brad Pitt. 

“Is it embarrassing to go through the dark shit of my life in public? Yeah, it’s embarrassing, but I had a choice. I could hide and live under a blanket and keep living and thriving, which I did. The first changes happened to me with the film The Break-Up, ”the actress commented. 





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