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Our salon business classes not only help you get started in your salon business but also show you how to walk through every step of the journey.

Many people want to start a salon business but don’t know where to start. Even if you have been in cosmetology school, the real world of the salon business seems very different from what has been taught to you.

You might be seeking some help in devising your hair salon business plan. That’s where we help you in the form of our salon business classes. Let’s see how this course could be beneficial for you.

What This Course is All About?

Our salon business classes not only help you get started in your salon business but also show you how to walk through every step of the journey toward your dream. We founded this platform to provide beauty professionals with the proven systems, business tools, client tracking methods, and advanced hair techniques they need to accelerate their careers.

Our Values:

  • Customer-oriented: You only have a business because of your customers; that’s why you need to respect and value their opinions and suggestions. Listen to them, take notes, and find out a solution to their problems as their “hair therapist”.
  • Professionalism: Even though you are a self-employed business owner, remember that your business reflects you. Which is why you need to take your profession seriously.
  • Learning: Life is a constant learning process, and you need to update yourself with the latest skills to stand out in your field. We provide you with comprehensive education and training to help you learn how to achieve more in your career, regardless of your experience.
  • The Golden Rule: If you want others to respect you and look up to you, earn this respect through your behavior. Treat others the way you want to be treated, be they your clients or colleagues.
  • 90/10 Rule: Win your clients’ hearts and make them your long-term customers through the 90/10 rule. Make them feel special by spending 90% of your time talking about them and only 10% on yourself.
  • Dress as an Icon: You are in the fashion and beauty industry and your clients look to you for advice and inspiration. Make sure you look accordingly. Maintain your unique style as a role model who represents your salon.
  • Follow the Process: There are no shortcuts to success, so don’t cut corners or cheat. The only way to succeed is to follow the process both at the beginning of your business when you need to make your name and also once you have earned fame, try to maintain it.

About the Hair Salon Business Plan

We offer you different kinds of hair salon business plan courses. One of our famous courses is a 14-module online course that can help you in the following ways:

  • It teaches you how to run a successful business.
  • It provides you with the foundational business knowledge that they don’t teach you in cosmetology school.
  • The course makes sure you learn real business strategies and tools that can grow your business.
  • It helps you understand yourself and teaches you how to communicate effectively with your customers.

The good news is that the first two modules of our salon business course are free. You can get free access to our online course, and these two modules will help you decide whether or not to remain part of the learning process.

Our online training course has revolutionized numerous stylists’ careers by showing:

  • 200% growth in one year
  • Tripling the number of clients in two years
  • More than doubling their income in two years with an average 83% retention rate

Learn to run a successful salon business from your instructor, who has over three decades of experience in the style industry. She has experienced everything the industry has offered her, from opening a salon to developing a proper business plan for a salon. Learn all the skills and tools you need to accelerate your career as a hairstylist through our salon business classes.

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