When you are decorating your home, you want the very best that you can afford in all things, but you should pay special attention to your choice of window coverings. Although there are countless options when you are looking to cover your windows, from cheap vertical blinds to plush and expensive curtains, only one option gives you class, elegance, durability, and utility in one package: plantation shutters. Your decorator already knows that plantation shutters are fantastic for more than just the commission, and you should too.

The Sensible Option

Plantation shutters are a sensible option for ensuring that your windows are covered because they offer the most utility available. You can easily control available light and ventilation with your shutters, and they cannot be beaten for the extra protection they offer. affordable plantation shutters Moveable louvers make it easy to adjust the light and air flow your windows provide. The solid wood construction of these shutters provides an extra barrier between you and the world should you ever need the protection, explaining their enduring popularity in hurricane zones.

The Aesthetic Difference

No matter the size of your home, plantation shutters offer a feeling of lush glamour that no other window covering can. They simultaneously offer old world charm and a clean, modern look, a feeling that curtains and blinds simply cannot hope to duplicate. Your decorating options are endless when you choose to install plantation shutters. Tropical hideaways, cozy country homes, and staid statehouses all appear more complete with the classic elegance of plantation shutters covering the windows. Modern homes also have a wide variety of options when it comes to colors, so your decorator will not feel caged in by the traditional white.

Worth Every Penny

Plantation shutters are a wonderful investment that will last throughout your home’s lifetime. They will also add enormous value to your property should you ever choose to sell. Because quality plantation shutters are custom built to your home’s exact specifications, they will be a perfect match whether you live in your home for three years or if you pass it down through the generations for a few hundred years. They are timeless and will work with almost any décor you could desire, making their endurance even more of a boon.

Talk to Your Decorator

Your decorator will be thrilled to learn that you want the very best for your windows. They are certain to have a vendor they know and trust who can create and install plantation shutters on any or all of your windows, and they will easily be able to fit your style right alongside your new window trimmings.

Plantation Shutters – A Stylish And Practical Alternative To Curtains Or Blinds

Plantation shutters or louvered shutters as they are also known, offer a stylish alternative to curtains or window blinds. They protect the home against the adverse effects of sunlight; they provide additional security and assist with ventilation. Their versatility and aesthetic appeal has made them extremely popular and as a result they have been in use, all over the world for many hundreds of years.

Whilst their basic form has not changed much over time, materials used in their construction have. Originally made from marble by the ancient Greeks, they have been cast in metal, formed from glass and in more recent years, built using hardwoods and polymers.

As with all great inventions, the principle is very simple. Slats are arranged horizontally within a frame, which is then fixed to the interior of the window. These slats can be adjusted to any position from the horizontal, where they are open, to the vertical or closed position.

Listed below are the many features and benefits of fitting plantation shutters.

They help guard against sunlight

Plantation shutters allow you to regulate sunlight whilst still benefiting from a cooling breeze. Windows can be opened allowing fresh air in to the home, whilst the shutters can be fully or partially closed to keep the sunshine out.

They help with ventilation

The adjustability of plantation shutters is key to their ability to regulate ventilation. In their open position they will allow almost as much air to circulate as a fully opened window. They can also be closed or partially closed to reduce airflow into a room.

They can help with insulation

When we think of insulation, we generally think in terms of keeping the heat in but there may be times when it is necessary to keep the heat out. Plantation shutters can effectively block the heat from the sun, cooling the air and reducing the temperature in the process. They are also very effective in reducing noise levels in areas where double-glazing is inappropriate.

They provide additional security

Plantation shutters provide additional security in two ways. Firstly, they are an effective guard against the prying eyes of passers by. When the shutters are closed they make it impossible to see in to the home and even when only closed partially, they interfere with the line of site affording greater privacy and security. Secondly, break-ins through shutters are less likely as there is an extra line of defence.

They are very stylish

Plantation shutters make an attractive addition to homes of any period and since they are available in a huge range of materials, styles and colours, you are able to choose exactly the right combination to suit your home.

They are easy to maintain

Taking care of your plantation shutters is very easy. If done regularly, all that will be required is a quick wipe down with a damp cloth. There’s no need to dry them off either since they will naturally dry in the wind. Even if the shutters have not been cleaned for a while, with a bit of care and attention they can quickly be restored to their former glory.

Vinyl Plantation Shutters

Among the different types of plantation shutters in the market, one of the most popular types is the wooden plantation shutter. Wooden shutters provide a feeling of warmth and coziness to a home. However, wooden plantation shutters are considered to be the more expensive option because their prices are significantly higher than other types of plantation shutters. bespoke window shutters As a result, people often look at alternatives to wooden plantation shutters. There are alternatives, like vinyl plantation shutters do not only provide people with cheaper alternatives but also provide additional benefits as well.

Apart from being the more affordable plantation shutter option, there are a number of other reasons why vinyl plantation shutters can be considered as a better alternative to wooden plantation shutters. Vinyl shutters are not too vulnerable to wear and tear, because unlike wooden shutters, vinyl shutters do not fade and crack easily. Also, vinyl shutters do not shrink or expand when they are exposed to humidity or fluctuating temperatures. As a result, vinyl shutters have become the preferred option in areas like kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor pools. Another reason why vinyl shutters are considered a good alternative is that they are easy to clean and maintain.

However, apart from these benefits, homeowners find that vinyl shutters also provide them access to the same feelings of warmth and coziness that wooden shutters provide. This is because there are some types of vinyl shutters that have been designed to look like wood. Given this, homeowners can enjoy the benefits of wooden shutters without having to deal with the downsides of those types of shutters.

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