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What happened to Will Smith’s face?

Social media are on fire talking about what happened to Will Smith's face! Recently, he's been looking like a robot and fans are shocked

Scarlett Johansson back with Marvel with a “top-secret project”

Scarlett Johansson has received the American Cinematheque Award, presented annually to relevant personalities from the Hollywood industry.

Meghan Markle like you’ve never seen before!

During a guest appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres talk show, Meghan Markle participated in a hidden camera and had fun with the vendors in front of the studio.

Adele’s long-awaited album is coming out today

Although ballads we are used to can be found among the 12 songs on the album, her new album is different from the previous ones.

To leave or remove the teabag? It’s up to you!

Leaving a tea bag in the cup can change the taste or cause bitterness. However, whether you leave it or remove it depends on your preferences

The Japanese manufacturer of home appliances presented an unusual smartphone

Balmuda CEO Gen Terao says smartphones have become too big lately, prompting the company to build a compact device, with the astounding price of $920.

Marvel released the poster of Harry Styles’ mysterious character!

In the post-credits scenes of ' Eternals ' we discovered that the Marvel had secretly cast Harry Styles for the role of Eros, the brother of Thanos

Many remember Kim Wilde’s alien encounter!

British singer Kim Wilde is one of the most successful of all time, and recently she has moved away from music and dedicated all her time to her garden.

Check out the luxury that Julia Roberts and George Clooney will enjoy together!

Julia Roberts and George Clooney will soon begin shooting their new film “Tickets for Paradise,” and photos of the luxury accommodation have already leaked.



Damiano David and His Beautiful Partner!

The frontman of the band Maneskin was finally photographed in the company of the Italian influencer Giorgia Soleri

The Hollywood seducer doesn’t look like himself: He has a belly and a double chin!

- They wanted me to gain weight in a healthy way, but I have been on a strict regime for so long, that I could hardly wait to eat pancakes - the actor admits

This is how the new ballad ‘Easy On Me’ by Adele sounds

After a big interview in Vogue, which announced the release of a new album, Adele surprised everyone by releasing about 40 seconds of the new single 'Easy On Me', which is coming out on October 15.

XPG plans to release DDR5-7400 memory, which can be overclocked to 12600 MT/s

DDR5 gaming memory modules will be released during the third quarter of 2021.

EU wants to limit British films and series: “They are a threat to European culture”

The United Kingdom is the largest European producer of film and TV programs