Learn how to Drive an Automatic Car for Beginners?

We talk about how to drive an automatic car at length because this type of car has become highly demanded in the Birmingham market due to its ease of use and comfort for drivers of both sexes in crowded areas, live Birmingham streets, and roads. Therefore, it is preferred by many people who buy cars for comfort and practical uses.

Learn to drive an automatic car

It is an excellent way to avoid crowded transportation and public transportation. Therefore, JustPass.UK website will help you to learn how to drive an automatic car, and we will explain all the information you are looking for in Automatic car lessons, including components, advantages, and disadvantages, so that you can buy your car knowing all aspects and learn to drive easily and that you can drive with all safety rules. And safety from road hazards, and you will learn about that in this topic presented by JustPass. UK website.

How to drive an automatic car?

Driving an automatic car does not tire the feet or hands. This is because it has an automatic transmission that does not need a clutch exchanger. Driving a car generally requires patience, calmness, and intense concentration to control the car in the middle of the road without causing any damage or accidents, God forbid, and to learn how to drive a car, automatic driving lesson Birmingham, we must first study it and study its components that you will use when driving.

Components of an automatic car

The first thing we talk about when driving is starting the car. Therefore, the first component is the switch that connects the electricity to the transformer for the car to start. It is called the sprinkler.

The steering wheel is the tool used to control the car’s directions left and right, and it contains some properties that differ from one car to another and from one model to another. It also has an alarm system known as the Clax.

Replace the fuel you use by pressing it with the right foot to push the fuel into the engine to increase the speed of rotation of the motor and thus increase the speed of the car.

The brake pedal, or as it is known as the brake pedal is responsible for stopping the car or reducing its speed at any moment; It is one of the most important parts of the car, so car companies are working on developing it continuously to ensure the safety and security of the driver.

The hand brake or hand brake is also important and dangerous at the same time. It is important when you rescue the driver in emergencies or when leaving the automatic car to ensure its stability; And it is dangerous if you use it suddenly at a great speed, as it can cause the automatic car to overturn.

The automatic gearbox

The automatic gearbox is known in the common language as the Ftis. It is a stick or arm beside the driver of the car. Its shapes and controls differ from one car to another depending on the model and category.. but its function is to transmit movement; It has several letters, as the letter P indicates stopping, and the car cannot move, regardless of the impact on it, as long as the gear lever is standing at the P, which is an abbreviation for the word Park.

Then the letter N, which is the abbreviation for Normal, refers to the temporary parking situation with the possibility of movement if the car is affected by an external force, such as towing or pushing.

Then the letter D means Drive and means driving forward with automatic speed changes.

Make yourself comfortable at driving seat

You have to sit comfortably when driving to be in control of all the important things and adjust the position of the side and interior mirrors so that they reveal the road clearly and see all sides of the road so that you can drive automatic car easily and drive safely.
Put the key in its place to start the car and make sure that the gear lever is on one of the gears P / N because otherwise, the sprinkler will not work to connect the electricity to the motor. After all, the car is not in a stopped position.


The car leaves two minutes for the engine to prepare and be ready to work efficiently, as the concentrated oil is stirred and the engine derives fuel for the start of the combustion process to move the car.
You move the car lever on the D and press the gas pedal gently so that the car moves forward slowly and does not press hard so that the car does not go quickly, as it can cause damage.

In automatic cars, you should not use your two feet together, such as in manual cars, so that confusion does not occur inside the car, because in the case of using the feet, you will press on the fuel pedal and the brake pedal together.

Drive peacefully

Therefore, the left foot must not be used at all when driving automatic cars, and leave it in a place far from the fuel and brake pedals. The right foot only. Therefore, when driving, automatic driving lesson Coventry you press the gas pedal, and when you slow down or stop, you lift your foot off the gas pedal and press the brake pedal until you reach the position you want.
If you want to stop the car, you can press with your right foot, as we said before, on the brake pedal and calm the car until it stops, then move.

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