Bad behavior of Kourtney’s daughter Penelope

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After New Year’s photos of Penelope Disick with make-up, dyed hair, and high heels recently surfaced online, her famous mother Kourtney Kardashian has met with widespread public condemnation.

Many are of the opinion that the “stumbled Kardashian” has completely lost her compass and that she allows her children too much, which is why it is rumored that she is not a good mother.

After posting the controversial photos on Instagram, followers have been ruthless, and criticism never seems to have been worse.

” What kind of mother are you ,”,” You make a prostitute out of your daughter ,”,” What kind of example do you set for others ?”, ” Isn’t she a little young to dye her hair and so many heels”, ” Shame on you. You’re playing her friend instead of being her mother “, “You don’t have to be cool to be a good mother , “, ” She’s too small to dress like that , “ are just some of the negative comments about Kourtney‘s post.

By the way, during the broadcast of the show that made them famous, Kourtney often neglected the obligations she had and justified them with motherhood. But as the years go by and the kids grow up, so did Kourtney relax with her new fiancé Travis Barker, and she’s more likely trying to be a friend to her kids than a parent.

Fans have often pointed out that the example of Kylie, who, although the youngest member of the family, raised her heiress best, is not the case with Kim and Kourtney, who are older and “more experienced,” so they were expected to prove themselves to this task.

However, Penelope recently surpassed  North West in eccentric behavior as well. So the 9-year-old can often be seen with makeup and false eyelashes, and her hair was recently dyed fiery red. She is increasingly wearing high-heeled shoes and is behaving more like a teenager than a girl.

The public still remembers the quarrel between Kourtney and her mother, as well as her boyfriend Corey Gamble. One episode revealed that Kourtney fired her nanny after Penelope scratched her, which was not the first time she had behaved like that. Her actions were condemned by the whole family.

Corey told her that Penelope’s procedure was “for a couple of punches to the ass,” not that she “shrugs her shoulders because she’s just like that,” to which Scott and Kourtney jumped and there was almost a physical confrontation.

Even Kim once told her that she needs to raise her daughter on time, or she will one day pay professionals to do her job.

Penelope used to give headaches to nannies and housewives. She made them do what she wanted, threw money away and made them run away, bit them, just like her cousin North, and it was rumored that in a moment of rage she tried to set one of the nannies on fire.

Kourtney still views all of this favorably and as a “way to express herself.” The Kardashian was recently nicknamed because her older son has gained weight because since having fun with Travis, her son has been eating only fast food that is reportedly banned in their home.

After that, she came under criticism because Penelope Disick took pretty promiscuous photos of her and her new boyfriend, which her ex-partner Scott didn’t particularly like.

But Kourtney doesn’t seem to heed all these stories and criticisms and still allows her daughter to do what she wants.





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