The world just became a bit sweeter… That is because today we opened our 8,000th Baskin-Robbins shop on planet Earth! This is an important milestone that reflects our commitment to increasing Baskin-Robbins’ footprint internationally.

The 8,000th shop is situated at 2839 E Thousand Oaks Blvd. in Thousand Oaks, California and is run by franchisees Doug and Susan Morgan. To help celebrate, the shop will be providing $1.50 scoops of Baskin-Robbins ice cream all day.


We want to thank Doug and Susan for being a part of this precious moment in time with us. The Morgan’s have been a fantastic addition to the Baskin Robbins locations family and in 2016, we were thrilled to present them with our annual Operator of the Year Award.

Doug knows a lot about what it takes to create a Baskin-Robbins business from the ground up — literally. Huge discount available on baskin robbins coupons and before becoming a Baskin-Robbins franchisee, Doug was a general contractor and for years, constructed and rebuilt Baskin-Robbins facilities across Southern California.


His true affection for the company motivated him and Susan to grasp the chance to transform their passion for Baskin-Robbins into a business. The Morgan’s launched their first Baskin-Robbins shop in Moorpark, CA in 2011.

Doug and Susan serve as outstanding role models for our franchisee community and we look forward to supporting them as they share the Baskin Robbins locations experience with the Thousand Oaks neighborhood.


If you’re in the Thousand Oaks neighborhood, please be sure to stop by our 8,000th retail location to enjoy a Baskin-Robbins frozen treat!

Baskin-Robbins, the world’s biggest chain of specialty ice cream stores, today announced its “Moments” concept store design which will provide visitors a completely new and engaging experience when they visit Baskin-Robbins. The first location of the new retail format opened in Fresno, California today, and 2019 will mark the beginning of a nationwide rollout.


Baskin Robbins locations new shop design is geared on fulfilling the brand’s promise to provide customers with delicious treats and fun experiences.

For the first time, customers in Fresno will be able to experience the brand’s vision for the future of its U.S. stores, complete with a sleek new style and an updated vibe that encourages casual conversation over ice cream and the making of meaningful, memorable moments with loved ones.


Baskin-Robbins, as part of its “Moments” shop redesign, will introduce a new product platform dubbed “ice cream novelties,” which will include premium, hand-dipped, and snack able frozen sweets. In the next months, you may stop by certain Baskin Robbins locations shops to check out the new novelties collection.

The “Moments” concept is a significant part of Baskin-next-generation Robbins’s shop design, which features:


The innovative interior design combines modern furnishings and bright colors to make visitors feel welcome and inspire them to make memories.

Updated ice cream freezers: Premium ice cream varieties, ice cream cakes, and a new “novelties” selection are prominently displayed in an extended row of contemporary and sleek glass cases.


With the introduction of the new “ice cream novelties” product platform, customers may enjoy in premium, hand-dipped and snack able frozen delicacies such as chocolate-dipped bananas, Polar Pizza pieces, Ice Cream Bars, Smoothie Bars, and hand-dipped fancy waffle cones.

Guests now have even more possibilities for personalizing their sweet treat of choice thanks to the enlarged toppings station.


Colorful wall murals with original, interactive artwork highlight neighborhood identifiers and create a bond between Baskin Robbins locations and its local clientele. Images on the mural are meant to be interacted with and photographed by visitors, who may then post them online.

The artwork in Fresno depicts popular tourist attractions including forest campgrounds and city parks.


Indoor seating incorporates cushioned banquette, swivel seats, and high tables with bar stools to provide diners a variety of comfortable alternatives. There will be indoor and outdoor options for sitting.


A set of double doors/windows that go to the outside, and inside, a counter where customers may sit and enjoy their frozen delights.

New and improved digital menu boards include high-resolution photographs and videos to pique customers’ interest in the items offered.


“We are very happy to provide our customers a fresh and updated experience when they visit Baskin Robbins locations said Jason Maceda, Senior Vice President, Baskin-Robbins U.S. & Canada. Our new ‘Moments’ design is a reflection of our brand’s mission to “spark joy and optimism and assist visitors experience joyous moments with family and friends while enjoying great-tasting ice cream and fantastic flavor diversity.

It’s fundamental to our brand and offers customers a fresh take on the Baskin-Robbins classic.


The new “Moments” shop design was developed in collaboration with WD Partners, a customer experience and branding consultancy located in Ohio. WD was involved at every stage of the process, from brainstorming to development, and played a crucial part in making sure the next-generation shop design would fulfil Baskin-Robbins’ promise to provide customers with a fresh, exciting, and novel experience.

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Carol Austin, the VP of marketing, said that “many people now live busy, always-on lives,” so the opportunity to “unplug,” spend time with friends, partners, or children, and reconnect over a scoop or two of their favorite ice cream flavor is highly valued.

That’s why the new “Moments” shop concept is so exciting to us; we want it to be a place where people feel welcome to come and create simple, pure moments with the greatest ice cream in the world.


Baskin-Robbins is the world’s biggest ice cream business, according to Entrepreneur magazine’s 38th annual Franchise 500® list. The Baskin-Robbins makes and offers unique, premium hard scoop ice cream, a broad variety of drinks, and a delightful assortment of desserts, including custom ice cream cakes, the Polar Pizza® Ice Cream Treat, and take-home quarts and pints. Baskin-Robbins was started in 1945 by two ice cream lovers who created more than 1,300 varieties.



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