Ben felt trapped in a marriage with Jennifer

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Hollywood actor Ben Affleck admitted that he “felt trapped” in his marriage to Jennifer Garner and believes he would not stop with his alcohol addiction if he had stayed with his ex-wife.

“We would probably end up shoving a knife down each other’s throats. I would probably still be drinking if we stayed together,” admitted the actor, who went into rehab in 2018 for alcoholism. The two officially divorced in June 2015, the day after their 10th wedding anniversary.

“One of the reasons I started drinking was because I felt trapped in that marriage. I thought – I can’t leave because of my kids, but I’m not happy, what should I do? And then I drank a bottle of whiskey and fell asleep on the couch, which proved to be a bad solution, ”Affleck openly admits, adding,“ Ultimately, we tried, and tried, and tried because we had kids, but we both felt we didn’t want that our relationship becomes a model for our kids and them to think that marriage should look like that. “

In an interview with Howard Stern, he admitted that he was also hesitant about renewing his love with his ex-fiancée Jennifer Lopez and that he had to think twice about whether to do it again, because of the impact that the relationship could have on his children.

“I had some doubts. My responsibility to the children is my greatest responsibility. I don’t want to do anything that would be painful or destructive to them,” Affleck said, adding: “My life affects them. Their mom and I are celebrities, it’s hard. It’s a cross to carry. “

On the breakup of his marriage, he said: “It is true that we took time to think well, but we made a decision, we will divorce. We had a marriage that failed. We tried because we have children. We didn’t want it to be a model of marriage for them, to think marriage should look like that. We did our best. I knew she was a good mom and I hoped she knew I was a good dad. I had to sober up, and admit it. “

Affleck admitted that the last straw in his fight against alcoholism was the moment he saw his children watching him. “The cure for addiction is suffering. You suffer enough before something in you makes you say – that’s enough. It was my kids who looked at me that way. Since that day, I swear to God, I didn’t want to drink anymore. I’m not cured. I’m not a preacher, but there’s a happy ending if you get to it, “the actor said.





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