Best hair straighteners: How to choose the right one?

A good hair straightener is like a real friend. It helps you find the right style every day. They will never let you down and will always help you look stunning. How to choose the best straightener for your hair type? We will answer this question and give you TOP 5 straighteners to try out today

Best hair straighteners: How to choose the right one?

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When buying a hair straightener (aka. flat iron) take into account the technical parameters. Read the reviews and choose not only a beautiful design but also a quality hair straightener. Ask yourself a few questions before making the final decision.

Classic or professional hair straightener?

Will you use it occasionally or daily? The more often you use it, the better it is to have a professional straightener that is gentler on your hair.

Wet or dry hair?

Do you want to straighten dry or wet hair? Wet hair straightening needs special "wet" technology so that the hair is not destroyed.

For straightening or curling?

If you want to make curls with it as well, then your hair straightener should have narrow and long plates. If you want a classic hair straightening, choose short and wide plates.

Healthy or damaged hair?

Do you have healthy or damaged hair? Healthy hair is suitable for all types of flat irons, while damaged hair requires steam, ionizing, or straightener with ultrasonic technology.

Material of hair straighteners?

Do you want titanium, Teflon, or ceramic hair straightener? Each board has different advantages. Ceramics heat well and evenly. Titanium is resistant, and Teflon does not damage hair. The combination of these materials is ideal though. Tourmaline is often added to alleviate the formation of static electricity.

Best hair straighteners: TOP 5

And which are the top hair straighteners for us in GossipWhispers? We have prepared a selection of the best for you.

Flat Iron for wet hair

The BaByliss Stylers I-Pro 235 XL Intense Protect iron has six different temperatures, and on higher ones, it is possible to straighten the hair in one go. The ceramic plates are coated with a thin diamond layer that protects them from scratches. Ionization protects the hair from additional damage and alleviates the creation of static electricity. You can also straighten wet hair with it, which will save you time.

Ionic straightener for all hair types

Ionic hair straightener is suitable for all hair types, protects it from damage (ionic iron creates negative ions that neutralize harmful cations - reduce brittleness and drying of the hair). And the Bio Ionic OnePass 1.5 is a top hair straightener and has been named the fastest hair straightener by hairstylists! It heats up in 10 seconds and has special Speed ​​Strips on the side for faster straightening and greater hair shine. The plates are enriched with nano-ionic minerals, and the higher price is compensated by the amazing shine of the hair after straightening.

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Steam iron for thick hair

While with an ordinary hair straightener you need to straighten curly, unruly, and strong hair up to several times, a steam iron will shorten this process. L'Oréal Professionnel Steampod LP7100F0 / 7PO R is an excellent steam hair straightener with ceramic plates. Their width is only 2.5 cm, which helps maintain moisture and shine to the hair. You can also use the power of steam to apply hair care. Keratin treatments are most commonly used with steam hair straighteners, and a whole line of Steampod products is dedicated to this, as well as Pro-Keratin technology that restores hair.

"Cold" ultrasonic iron for dry and damaged hair

Brazil Keratin Iron Repair is not a classic hair straightener. It does not "iron" because it does not use heat. Thanks to its ultrasonic technology, it helps in hair recovery, and you can use it to add hair color. How? Dye your hair, rinse it, dry it with a towel and turn on the ultrasonic hair straightener, and iron each strand 3-5 times. The same goes for the keratin cure. Finally, the hair needs to be dried.

Travel hair straightener

If you like straight hair, a mini hair straightener is ideal for you, which will fit into your purse! Remington On The Go S2880 travel iron is only 15 cm long, works great on short hair or ends, but also on long hair, you just need to have more patience. It heats up quickly, and you can also pack it quickly because it comes with a heat-proof pouch.

By: Sarah R.