Biggest failures of famous actors!

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Everyone can make mistakes, and no one is immune, but when it happens to actors, then everyone, millions around the world, see it. Their mistakes are visible to everyone and are the hardest to forgive. The truth is that bad acting is sometimes not only up to the actors but also to the other members of the crew. We singled out the worst roles of amazing actors.

Hale Berry – “Catwoman” (2004)

Actress Halle Berry won the “Golden Raspberry” for the worst female role for her role in this film. Halle is one of the few winners of this not very flattering recognition who personally accepted the award. “To be as bad as I was in this movie, you need a lot of bad actors around you,” Halle said at the time. By the way, when she made this film, Halle was at the peak of her career, a couple of years before this role, she won the Oscar for best actress in the film “Monster’s Ball”.

Meryl Streep – “Into the Woods” (2014)

Meryl Strip is practically regular at the Oscars, but still, this role in the movie “Into the Woods” is quite questionable. The role of the witch is one of the worst in her fruitful career. The part in the introductory song in which she raps is a pure fail and it is a real miracle how they managed to diminish the charm of this film adaptation produced by Disney.

Al Pacino – “Jack and Jill” (2011)

Al Pacino, one of the greatest actors, was not immune to some bad roles like the one in which he plays himself. “Playing himself, Al Pacino broke through a music commercial for a drink called “dunkaccino”. It’s not very funny, and it seems that Pacino humiliated himself” – it was written in “Independent”.

Robert de Niro – “Dirty Grandpa” (2016)

Robert de Niro is also one of the largest, but his splendor has waned in recent years. Although he is still able to play a masterful roles, in the movie “Dirty Grandpa”, he was pretty bad. “How did this come about,” fans asked about the role in which Robert De Niro plays a seventy-year-old man who accompanies his grandson to the spring break in Florida.

Glen Close – “Hillbilly Elegy” (2020)

Glenn Close managed to get her eighth Oscar nomination for the role in the film “Hillbilly Elegy”, but also a nomination for the Golden Raspberry. “It was the third case in the history of two awards. Glenn Close has already won an Oscar several times, but thank God she didn’t win it for this role” writes “Independent”.

Leonardo DiCaprio – “J. Edgar” (2011)

This is a bad movie, which the star of “Titanic” failed to save. A biographical film starring Leonardo DiCaprio equally bad in the role of junior but also senior controversial FBI director. The Independent estimates that this film was wisely shot as a potential Oscar nomination, but everything was bad about it.





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