Blake and Ryan expecting a fourth child?!

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One of Hollywood’s favorite couples, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, was filmed walking down New York City, and attention was drawn to her tummy.

Blake wore a gray coat for the walk, and underneath it was a black shirt that she tucked into a gray skirt, and it is noticed that her belly is slightly more prominent than usual which sparked rumors that the actress is pregnant again.

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Neither Blake nor Ryan have spoken out about the rumors yet. The couple currently has three children, daughters James, Inez, and Betty.

By the way, the couple is known for keeping their privacy to themselves, and they don’t talk much about their children, and the actress hid her last pregnancy until she could no longer hide her pregnant belly. The fact is that, given their Hollywood status, the paparazzi follow them every step of the way and it doesn’t really help them.

Blake was also recently very angered when the media came out with photos that caught her walking with her three little daughters, and the media described her as supermom because she successfully maneuvered everything that was happening at that moment.

Among the photos is one in which Blake posed alone and waved at the camera. Although her ‘sour’ facial expression could already be seen, it was only on social media that the real truth was found out.

You combined these two photos to make it turn out that I was happy and content to pose for your photographer, and yet the truth is somewhat different. That man has been stalking my children all day. He jumped in front of them and hid. Even an unknown man got into an argument with them, and all in front of my little girls’ eyes. When I tried to calmly approach and ask him to move away, he would run away and jump out in front of us again on the other street. Do you know who the people you pay to spy on children are, do you know their background? Where is your morale? I’m very interested in that. You may not care about child safety. This photo I am posing in was taken in collaboration with one photographer, whom I agreed to pose for only if he left my children alone because it was scary. Tell the whole story, be honest with your followers‘, the actress said at the time.

As a reminder, the acting couple met in 2010 while shooting the film ‘Green Lantern‘ together. Ryan was then married to 36-year-old actress Scarlett Johansson, and Blake was in a relationship with a colleague from ‘Gossip Girl’, 34-year-old Penn Badgley. At that time, they had no idea that one day they would fall in love with each other. After about a year, they had both broken up with their partners, and the feelings between them flared up. Finally, in 2012, Ryan and Blake were married in secret. 

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