Brazilian beauty secrets to follow!

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We all know how beautiful and cherished they are. What’s the trick?

Hydration, hydration, hydration

Brazilian women are known to shower up to three or four times a day, thanks to the very high temperatures in Brazil. All this showering can dry out the skin, so hydration is key. Pay attention to nutritious natural oils such as coconut or almond oil, and this summer opt for fragrant body butter.

Speaking of coconut oil, it is also essential for the skin and hair of many women in Brazil, thanks to its nourishing and protective properties. Coconut oil hair mask not only gives an incredible shine but also repairs damage caused by the sun, sea, and heat, while at the same time helping to protect against cracking and breakage. Mix it with a little brown sugar and you get the best, and most delicious coconut body scrub that you can use from head to toe.

Don’t forget the eye cream

The skin around the eyes is the most delicate on your face, but we often forget to take extra care of it. Brazilian women, however, adore specialized eye creams and skincare masks that help tighten the skin, circulate blood and prevent fine lines. Victoria’s Secret model Lais Ribeiro says she likes to take a nap with a cucumber eye mask, while Adriana Lima has revealed that she turns to argan oil or vitamin E oil.

Always use SPF

Even if you don’t walk on the sand of Copacabana beach, SPF is still necessary for skincare – even during a grayish gloomy day. Brazilians may be the queens of shiny skin that we all strive for, but they are not afraid of applying sunscreen every day. And, if you are not interested in makeup with a protective factor or you simply do not want to give up one of your favorite foundation, do not forget to apply SPF cream on your face beforehand.

Makeup is a usually natural daily variant

Judging by Victoria’s Angels, make-up is extremely important for women in Brazil, but the result is never aggressive and too obvious. In addition, there is a certain degree of comfort in going somewhere without a face full of makeup – for that, they can thank their skincare routines. Both Alessandra Ambrosio and Isabella Fonte have been seen on numerous occasions, and each time they had a perfectly clean complexion without makeup and long hair gathered in a bun. Completely relaxed.

Therefore, you will probably not notice dramatically darkened lips or excessively red cheekbones. Instead, a bronze, even complexion, shaded eyelids, black lashes, and maybe a little highlighter.

Special attention is paid to the nails

In addition to regular salon appointments in the salon, weekly manicures and pedicures are a sacred routine. And regardless of the socioeconomic status, the norm is to have beautiful and well-groomed nails – red and other colorful shades are usually the most popular.





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