Break up looks great on Camila Cabello

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The news of the break-up of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello surprised and saddened many of their fans, especially since the couple looked madly in love earlier this month when photographers caught them on a beach in Miami and disguised themselves together for Halloween.

Hey people, we’ve decided to end our romantic relationship, but our love for each other as friends is stronger than ever. We started the relationship as best friends and we will continue to be best friends, so we appreciate your support from the beginning and move on, ‘said Shawn and Camila on their Instagram stories, and it seems that the singer is enjoying her single life after the breakup.

Just a few days after the breakup, she posted selfies on Instagram where she looks unrecognizable.

The singer, who otherwise prefers a natural look, posted two photos in which she is glamorously made up, dressed in a provocative dress with a neckline, and her hair, which is platinum blonde, attracted the most attention.

I’m tidying up, ok,’ she wrote next to the photos, but it’s not clear if the singer has changed her image or it’s a temporary transformation as the third photo in the series has her usual dark hair and she blends into the camera.

Shawn has also posted new photos of himself posing in the shallows with a surfboard and showing off his sculpted body.

Ever since they dated, the two of them have been a frequent target of media, especially the singer who was physically neglected after the quarantine, and we all already know how much the public does not forgive any ‘slip ups’. Many insulted her for her looks and a few extra pounds, and on social media, you could even see questions about what the singer was still doing with her.

She, like him, was not bothered by the bizarre comments, and when she returned to her old form, she showed everyone again what the word ‘hot’ meant.

The couple has been together since 2019, when they recorded the hit ‘Senorita’, after which the first gossip about potential love appeared. ‘This kind of chemistry can’t be faked,’ many commented on their video, and although they were trying to hide it, it was clear the spark had ignited.

If they are to be believed, the break-up was not sponsored by a third party , and one source for Entertainment Tonight revealed why the break-up occurred. ‘The breakup was common. They realized that they are currently on completely different life paths and that it is time for their journey together to end. They are sorry for the parting, but they try to be busy and surrounded by the people they love, ‘said the source.

By the way, fans had previously worried about what was happening to the couple as they were filmed at a restaurant in September this year and Camila was crying while Shawn comforted and kissed her . It is not known whether the end of love was in sight even then.





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