Camila Cabello hides her sorrow behind good looks

Photo Credits : Profimedia

Shawn Mendes (23) and Camila Cabello (24) broke off their two-year relationship a few days ago and then posted on their social networks.

Hey people, we’ve decided to end our romantic relationship, but our love for each other as a man is stronger than ever. We started the relationship as best friends and we will continue to be best friends, so we appreciate your support from the beginning and move on, ‘said Shawn and Camila on their Instagram stories.

While this news surprised some, most of the public was not surprised. Namely, many did not believe that Shawn and Camila were really together, and the statement that they will still remain best friends is just a confirmation of such an opinion.

Still, many were surprised by the photo Camila posted after the break. She has always been the target of criticism because she does not care about her appearance, and she delighted her followers with a photo in which she is made up and dressed up.

That’s why many have commented on how obvious it is that a breakup suits her.

Camila posted a photo with the description: ‘I’m cleaning up‘, followed by praise and compliments.

‘I got chills!’, ‘This is an amazing change’, ‘You’re great’, ‘ Show Shawn what he’s missing ’, were just some of the comments.

Still, it seems to be true when they say that Instagram is far from reality. The paparazzi took a picture of Camila after the break, and judging by the latest photos, the singer was visibly sad and broken.


Her smile is not seen in almost any photo, although she was aware that photographers were taking pictures of her.





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