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Zara is convicted of sexually abusing a minor!

Zara Phythian, who starred in the Marvel film Doctor Strange, along with her husband is convicted of sexually abusing a minor.

Do you remember Kelly from ‘Beverly Hills’

Jennie Garth played the handsome blonde Kelly Taylor in the cult series ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ that everyone was in love with, and here’s where she is today.

Melania Trump’s exclusive interview!

Melania appeared on the show on Fox News TV, in which she premiered after almost a year and a half since leaving the most famous house in Washington.

Oscars 2023 Ceremony Date Officially Set

The solemn ceremony of awarding the most significant recognitions in the world of film, the Oscar, will be held for the 95th time on March 12 next year.

New recipe: Light zucchini sauce

If you don't have time, zucchini sauce is great because you can eat him with everything.

Depp admitted that he was the victim of abuse

Johnny Depp publicly admitted that he was the victim of Amber Heard's abuse, and one video shows that she even mocked him for it.

Britney confirmed she lost the baby!

Britney Spears confirmed she lost the baby just weeks after announcing she was expecting a baby with her fiancé.

Marc Anthony proposed his girlfriend!

Ex-husband Jennifer Lopez got engaged to a 30 years younger model.

This is how Prince William broke royal protocol

Prince William and Kate Middleton recently celebrated their eleventh wedding anniversary, but details of their big day are still popping up.