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Emily Ratajkovski attacked for her belly

Although she was condemned for what her belly looked like, Emily Ratajkowski decided to publish the controversial photos she previously refused to do

Jessie J recently suffered the hardest blow

The famous singer has an enviable career and great wealth, but she is experiencing blow after blow. She has a disease and she lost a baby.

Will Smith had to vomit after orgasm

After the first broken heart, the actor turned to a large number of sexual partners, which in the end did not bring him pleasure

Camila Cabello hides her sorrow behind good looks

Shawn Mendes (23) and Camila Cabello (24) broke off their two-year relationship a few days ago and then posted on their social networks.

Palace private investigator confessed to harassing Prince Harry

A private investigator of the royal family, apologized for his behavior in the "The Princes and the Press", which explores princes' relation with media

Kim Kardashian left hickeys all over Pete!

Kim Kardashian has reportedly been seeing comedian Pete Davidson for some time, and passions seem to have spiraled out of control a bit.

Billboard: This is the best song of all time!

In early 2020, a video for ‘Blinding Lights’ was released on The Weeknd’s official YouTube channel. It has been viewed more than 500 million times since then

Jesse James – the greatest cheater in Hollywood

Sandra Bullock was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel’s show in which she promoted her new film ‘The Unforgivable’and talked a little about her love life.

Bradley Cooper just can’t do without Irina Shayk

The couple divorced in June 2019, but a source confirmed that they now get along better than ever, Are they back together or not? Read on to find out!