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Aromatic roasted chicken breast with potatoes

Chicken breast with spices and lemon juice can have a very interesting taste. This delicious recipe is based on a mixture of everyday spices that will give the meat a special aroma

Mulled wine by Jamie Oliver

We need a recipe for mulled wine as soon as winter arrives. Jamie Oliver discovered secrets and little tricks for making your favorite holiday drink.

Apple omelet – you have to try it!

OMEL Omelette ?! You have to try this breakfast, and you will talk about its taste for days!

These delicious lemon cookies will make your day

Tartlets, or tartlettes , are certainly one of the most favorite sweets and their preparation, although it doesn’t seem so at first glance, is easy.It is time to surprise your family with delicious lemon cream cookies.

Croque-Monsieur: The best French sandwich

Breakfast like in Paris: The popular "Croque-Monsieur", a hot sandwich of irresistible taste can be on your table!

Fruity French toast for everyone!

French toast - the perfect breakfast for all gourmets, especially if we add a few small changes to the traditional recipe and make it healthy. Everything you need: 6 slices of healthier and less caloric bread2-3 egg...

Every housewife needs to know these rules

These are the unwritten rules that EVERY housewife must know: Here's what you can't do with minced meat

A Mom’s recipe: a great snack for children!

A MOM'S recipe: Stuffed TRIANGLES a great snack for children! We all love pastries, sweet or salty it doesn’t matter, here’s a recipe I’m sure you’ll like

Delicious and beautiful Apple pie for every day!

Let your house smell of the most beautiful thing: Delicious PIE with APPLES for every day! Make a delicious apple pie and enjoy the rest of the day.