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The best recipe for colorful crepes!

Crepes are a dessert that is never refused, some adore them spread with cream, while for others, are unthinkable without jam.

New recipe: Light zucchini sauce

If you don't have time, zucchini sauce is great because you can eat him with everything.

Great home-made summer cocktail recipes!

If you like cocktails, you must try these the next time your guests come! Here are four easy recipes for tasty and refreshing summer cocktails...

Recipe of the day: Sour cream chicken!

If you don't know what to prepare for lunch today, this recipe for chicken in sour cream and cheese will delight and satiate you.

The best ice cream you can make at home

How many of you haven’t eaten any ice cream this year? We found a way to enjoy this favorite dessert without leaving home.

Potato juice benefits for skin and health

Although sometimes a bit notorious, potatoes are rich in nutrients, and their juice is extremely effective for many conditions, as well as in beauty care.

3 best ideas for a light SPRING LUNCH!

With warmer temperatures, we don’t want to stand next to the stove, and we also need lighter dishes that will not burden the stomach.

Quick and easy: Homemade bean pate!

Delicious spread that is made in 5 minutes, and can stand for a week. Try and enjoy!

Make a refreshing mint juice! 

Make a refreshing mint juice according to this simple recipe.