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This is why Camilla always wears the same shoes

The Duchess of Cornwall wears almost the same pair of shoes on every occasion, and the reason is more romantic than you think.

Believe it or not-this is Megan Fox!

Because of the disorder, she has become 'the most plastic beauty in Hollywood' and now there is no going back.

Chris Rock’s made a joke about Amber Heard

The popular comedian has decided to publicly side with an older colleague in the midst of a lawsuit that Hollywood and the world are buzzing about...

Tom Cruise shone at the Queen’s celebration

He appeared yesterday in Windsor before the celebration of the Platinum Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II and caused great confusion among the locals...

Kourtney and Travis are officially married!

Kourtney wore a short white dress with a veil on her head for the official wedding, and preparations for the big wedding are reportedly in full swing.

Prince Albert is alone in public again!

Prince Albert appeared in public without his wife Charlene.

Hidden message: Is Megan Fox pregnant?

Is Megan pregnant? Her partner surprised fans: 'This is a song for our unborn child'

Johnny got close with his beautiful lawyer

Footage of 'sweet moments' by Johnny Depp and his lawyer flooded the internet.

Billy Idol postpones tour due to health issues

Billy Idol changed the dates of his upcoming tour, postponing everything from June and July to September and October 2022.