Choose Invisible Braces Over Metal Braces?


Do you have crooked teeth but don’t want people to know you’re straightening them?

Have you been teased about your metal bars? Or have you just lost your confidence to smile because your wires are showing? How do you wish braces were invisible! Well the good thing is, now they can be! With the advances in cosmetic dentistry, many developments have been Invisalign UAE made to the traditional metal braces. One solution to uncomfortable metal braces are invisible braces, also known as lingual braces.


Of course, invisible braces are invisible, but only to other people. They’re primarily similar to your classic metal braces, but they’re placed behind your teeth, making it impossible for people to see them unless they’re looking into your mouth on purpose. They also act like metal braces in aligning your teeth.


Aside from the invisibility factor, here are other benefits of lingual braces:


  • Promotes trust. Due to its invisibility, it is best suited for professionals and older teens who care a lot about their looks.
  • They are a perfect fit. Your invisible braces are made especially for you. That means it fits you snugly and is more comfortable.
  • Invisible braces are more convenient for people who play wind instruments and contact sports.


To get invisible braces, you need to go to a trained specialist. In fact, the insertion of invisible braces requires a dentist who specializes in this treatment. If you are qualified, that is, you have no contraindications to treatment, such as: For example, serious periodontitis that needs treatment first or a deep vertical overbite that makes you a poor candidate for treatment, your dentist can start by aligning your teeth. Pictures of the inside of your teeth are taken, scanned and sent to the lab. Modern lingual brackets are designed using modern computer technology. As mentioned, this type of braces is custom made for you, taking into account the orthodontic movement your dentist has in mind to solve your dental problem. Once your invisible braces are ready, your dentist will now place and secure them behind your teeth. After these important steps, regular visits to the dental clinic are required so that the braces can be adjusted. Depending on the severity of your problem, your specialist will decide when to remove your braces.


As with metal braces, you will experience some discomfort for the first few weeks of treatment and may need to eat soft foods for a time. After a few weeks you will get used to it and feel more comfortable. Braces make it a challenge to properly clean your teeth, so you may also need a special toothbrush Invisalign Dubai for your oral hygiene routine. Without worrying about the outward appearance, you can now rest assured that your problem is being taken care of and it’s your big secret. With invisible braces you can smile during the treatment and look forward to a more beautiful smile afterwards.


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