Cost of MBBS In China’s Top Medical Colleges At Affordable Fee


Cost of Studying MBBS in China: Know China MBBS Fees in 2023

Besides a neighboring country, China is home to a number of overseas students aiming to be medical professionals. The country has made a huge effect in terms of its academics, with various medical institutes in China offering MBBS programs. Pursuing an MBBS degree in China is surely a terrific alternative for students as it is one of the countries where several medical students from Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh among others, come to study.

The Cost of MBBS in China is not only inexpensive but also comes with several advantages. It offers a low-cost medical education in contrast with numerous other study universities. The country has been developing because of the population of foreign students flying to Chinese colleges due to budget education that is high on research and development in the field of medical science. So keep reading this page to gain all the facts regarding the prices of learning MBBS in China.

Table of Contents

Factors Influencing the Overall Cost of Studying MBBS in China

Pre Arrival Costs to Study MBBS in China

Post-Arrival Costs to Study MBBS in China

Tuition Fees for Studying MBBS in China

Cost of Living While Studying MBBS in China

Frequently Asked Questions About the Cost of MBBS in China

Students who intend to apply for an MBBS in China, they are obliged to generate an estimate on the cost of an MBBS in China. There are a number of factors that influence on the determination of China MBBS Fees. Apart from the medical institution’s tuition rates, some of the criteria that will play a vital impact are.

Pre-arrival charges include the university entrance examinations, travel fares, medical insurance costs, student visa application fees, etc.

Post-arrival expenditures for a medical student in China include tuition fees of the university as well as the costs of living with some additional personal expenses.

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Pre-Arrival Costs to Study MBBS in China

Apart from the living costs and China MBBS Fees for Pakistani students, you will also have to prepare a suitable plan for the pre-arrival charges of MBBS in China for Pakistani students. Here we addressed the pricing structure of certain pre-arrival things.

Entrance Exam Flight Tickets

  • Medical Checkup
  • Student Visa Fees
  • Medical Insurance

Entrance Exam

Most of the admission examinations are offered by the medical schools in which you are applying and it covers the subjects such as English, physics, chemistry, and biology among others. However, the costs of entry tests may differ from one university to another.

Flight Tickets

The flight costs from Pakistan to China could vary according on the airline you are choosing. However, the average airplane ticket should be around PKR 22,753.

Medical Checkup

Most medical universities require international students to their health policies and programs before the day of their arrival. It is recommended that students must choose their own insurance coverage at colleges that are not supplied any school-sponsored plan. Along with the mbbs costs in china for Pakistani students, the medical checkup cost is roughly PKR 650.

Student Visa Fees

The student visa charges for an international student in China could vary dependent on stay duration and the kind of entrance. On average, student visa prices in China are from PKR 12,000 and PKR 16,700. This visa may be valid for the duration of the course for 1 year.

Medical Insurance

A foreign student studying at the MBBS universities in China will have to spend between PKR 3,000 to PKR 6,000 for a duration of six months to one year. This may vary depending on the services chosen.

These are some pre-arrival charges you must add in China mbbs fees. Let us look at the post-arrival charges that are required in China mbbs fees for Pakistani students.

Best MBBS colleges in China for overseas students

Post-Arrival Costs to Study MBBS in China

MBBS in China’s pricing structure may also incorporate certain post-arrival charges. Here we have listed several charges that one has to add to their China MBBS fees.


Average Costs (in RMB) (in RMB)

Average Costs (in PKR) (in PKR)

Monthly Rent\s1,900 \s21,675

A Simple Supper\s35\s399

Internet Expense per month 20 319 Public Transportation Ticket per month 150 1,711 Electricity, Gas, and some other Utilities per month 100 1,140

Now that we know about the pre-arrival and post-arrival fees for an international student wishing to study in China. Let us explore the expense of studying for an MBBS in China.

Tuition Fees for Studying MBBS in China

The mbbs fees in china for Pakistani students are shown in the table below. Students can use this to gain an idea of the mbbs course prices in china of various medical institutes.


Students can also look for various international scholarships at the university offering MBBS courses to gain some support in lowering the fees.

Cost of Living While Studying MBBS in China

The living expenditures while pursuing an MBBS in China is quite affordable in contrast to the bulk of the countries. The tuition fees and lodging charges are listed in the list below.


Average Monthly Costs (in RMB) (in RMB)

Average Monthly Costs (in PKR) (in PKR)

Accommodation cost\s995 – 2,656

11,350 – 30,299 Transportation\s100 – 300\s1,140 – 3,422

Miscellaneous costs

85 – 215\s969 – 2,452

Scholarships to study MBBS in China

China as a study destination for mbbs studies is particularly popular among international students. The country delivers a good level of medical education at an inexpensive cost. The mbbs in China fees for a Pakistani student might range between PKR 3 Lakhs that can reach up to PKR 7.5 Lakhs every year depending upon the university you choose.

Also, the living expenditures for an overseas student should lie between PKR 15,000 to PKR 32,000 per month. For further guidance regarding mbbs in china for Pakistani students expenses, you can touch with our ITSA!

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