Discrimination At Work -Pay Attention to These Signs!


Be it a fresher, an experienced professional returning after a career break, or an existing employee, every person deserves a healthy workplace free of discrimination. It is central for an employer to remember that the job and the workplace are more than just a way of making a livelihood for a person. 

However, discrimination based on various grounds like age, gender, race, religion, disability, marriage, pregnancy, etc., is a prevailing issue in many workplaces. Above all, it may also be implicit at times. It is time to consult your San Antonio employment discrimination lawyer if you notice the following red flags at your workplace. 

Lack of diversity 

Diversity and inclusion are a sign of valuing the skills of different people, directed toward building a healthy work environment. If homogeneity is intelligible at your workplace for certain roles or parts of the management, in the sense that most people seem to be of the same race, religion, gender, etc., consider it a red flag. Especially if your employer notices it but seems to overlook the fact and take no steps towards diversity, it is a clear sign of discrimination.

Verbal harassment 

Inappropriate demeaning statements thrown at you are a subtle form of discrimination. This also includes being shouted at or blamed for bad performances, abusive language referring to gender, disability, etc., and threatening personal safety. 

Out-of-the-place interview experiences 

During the interview, being questioned about things unrelated to the position you have applied for is a sign of discrimination to be alert about immediately. These may be questions about your gender, age, disability, religion, marriage, pregnancy, etc. If the interviewer seems inclined towards certain characteristics under the above-mentioned grounds for the role, it is an obvious sign of discrimination.  

Over Criticism 

It is worth observing being unjustly criticized by your employer for your work. No matter the quality of your performance compared to the other employees, it is a highly unhealthy form of discrimination if the criticism continues to exist. At times it may also be reflected by an increased or reduced amount of work and responsibilities that are incredibly unfair.

Unreasonably ruled out of employee benefits. 

Employers might disregard you when considering employee benefits despite being a high performer as opposed to the other team members. This could be transparent, especially for promotion considerations. Discrimination may also take this explicit form in workplaces. 

Unjust pay 

The most common form of workplace discrimination is unequal pay, which still prevails, especially for women. Despite being in the same position and having the same skills and experience, if a co-worker earns more than you, you are being discriminated against by your employer. It is essential to look for such signs and speak up for yourself. 

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