Do you wash your hands properly?

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Did you know that you do not need hot water to wash your hands? Lukewarm and slightly warm will provide a completely satisfactory hygienic effect.

But how to choose the best hand soap?

For hand washing, now that we have to do it more often for epidemiological reasons, we prefer to use those products that preserve the hydrolipid layer of the skin. That would be creamy and oily washing gels. All detergents contain surfactants, which remove impurities, break down grease. The most important is that they are not aggressive. That means they do not violate the hydrolipid barrier and do not cause dryness and irritation of the skin of the hands. This is especially true for sensitive skin and those prone to dermatitis. Regardless of the epidemiological situation, they do not need to contain disinfectants.

A convenient trick is to use Shower products for dry, sensitive skin, which are in large packages with a doser on the push – it will last a long time. Your hands will be clean and well-groomed, it will save you time and money.

Photo Credits: Sincerely Media/Unsplash

Six mistakes that we do:

1. We do not wash hands enough

You touch so many things in one day that you can transmit the infection, as well as the coronavirus. Once they come in contact with your fingers, the microbes are easily transmitted to the face and body you touch with them. Washing your hands is the best way to protect yourself, so wash them with soap and water or clean them with disinfectants if you can’t get soap. After washing, rinse and wipe them.

2. We do not use enough soap

Soak your hands in water and put enough soap on them. The size of one coin is quite sufficient.

3.Do not only wash your palms

Do not forget to wash thoroughly, especially the area under the nail and the folds between the fingers. It is also recommended that you short your nails so that the viruses do not have room to “live”.

4. We do not wash our hands long enough

Hands need to be washed for about 20 seconds to get rid of viruses and bacteria. The song “Happy Birthday” lasts about that long, so sing it. As the pandemic lasts, people have become more and more creative in devising songs that will shorten their time while washing their hands, feel free to choose your own tune…

5. Hands need to be washed well

After a good and proper hand wash, they must be rinsed well under a stream of clean water, cold or warm, in order to remove all impurities from the skin. If you do not wash the soap well, you can suffer the consequences, such as skin irritation.

6. Skip hand dryer!

Viruses will be easier to transmit from wet hands, so take the time to dry them enough. Wipe them with dry and clean paper or a clean towel. If you are in a public place, be sure to use clean paper towels.





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