Drugs and alcohol have completely changed the beauty we remember from the beginning of her career, it is difficult to recognize Demi Lovato at first

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Popstar Demi Lovato was the main target of the paparazzi this week when she walked out of the house for a leisurely walk. The 29-year-old singer was caught by photographers in the company of a friend, and she was wearing a simple tracksuit, a plain T-shirt and she hid her face with sunglasses and a hat.

The singer gained a few pounds and changed her hairstyle, so she is actually far from the beauty we remember from the beginning of her career, but after the last rehabilitation she said that she feels good and that she intends to stay that way.

She was accompanied by a security guard, and Demi revealed just a few days ago that she plans to release the documentary series “Unidentified“.

It is a series that follows the singer and her friends during their adventure in Joshua Tree National Park, where they were looking for aliens. “I had an amazing experience at Joshua Tree and I want to find out what actually happened there,” the singer told the media recently.

Lovato has been an open book when it comes to her mental problems.

She has talked about depression, eating disorders, and addictions before, and it is no secret that she has been to rehabilitation clinics on several occasions. She recently revealed in a documentary that she was raped as a teenager.

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When she was 18, Demi went to a rehab clinic. She suffers from bipolar disorder and has struggled with drug addiction and eating disorders. She was clean for a few years but later admitted that she struggled with alcoholism and continued to take drugs. In June 2018, she overdosed and almost died. She spent two weeks in the hospital and was back in the rehab center.

Lovato never hid her problems, and one of them was her turbulent relationship with her father Patrick, with whom she severed all ties. She often mentioned how violent her father was towards her and her mother. “He was evil, but he wanted to be a good person. He wanted to save the family, but he still said he was happy for my mother when she remarried,” Lovato said in an interview. Her father died in 2013 from cancer, and later the singer told how he was mentally ill.

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Last year, she announced that she was engaged to boyfriend Max Ehrich, but soon after, the couple announced that they had broken up. Max broke the singer’s heart, and soon after he found a new girlfriend. It was rumored that the reason for the termination of their engagement was another singer, more precisely Selena Gomez. Namely, Dami allegedly could not stand the rumors about the messages that Max sent to her colleague and friend in 2015, in which he compared the two of them and told Selena that she was more beautiful and a better singer than Demi.

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