Embroidery Digitizing Service – What to Expect?

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Planning to get the embroidery digitizing service? Well, there are many companies out there that can offer you some great services. It is totally a choice of yours with whom you want to work with! But if you are confused about picking one of the best, this blog might ease the problems for you.

One of the best companies that you can consider hiring for the service is Absolute Digitizing. It is not just a bold statement; you will get the many reasons ahead to make your final decision on your own. Let’s start with the discussion to convince you:

Key Four Highlights of Our Business

Firstly, we are going to tell you about the four essential points as part of the embroidery digitizing service offered by the company:

  • The creation of the design is done using minimum thread changes.
  • Don’t worry about the thread breakage, as the pattern is stitched smoothly.
  • You will get your hands on the best embroidery sew-outs for sure.
  • Our valuable customers save up to 70% of their money when they outsource the work to us!

Why Consider Us for The Service?

When a person is in search of a company or even a product, they look for the things that are good or unique in a company or even in anything they are planning to get! Similarly, when you are about to get the embroidery digitizing services you should know the key highlights of our services:

Dual Pricing Model

Pricing is one of the essential things that will be in the mind of customers when they are about to get the service. To facilitate the customers in the best way possible, they can pay us according to the flat rate or even according to the pay per stitch.

Market Competitive Prices

You have read about the pricing model, now you should be more relaxed that we are offering the market competitive prices. What if we tell you that our logo digitizing service starts at $5! You can get in touch with us to get the price quotation and it is going to be affordable in comparison to the market.

Quick Turnaround

There will be some design or you can do some of the embroidery digitizing jobs quickly. In that case, we are proud to offer you a quick turnaround of as low as 2 hours only to send your desired work. Time is money and we truly understand the importance of our customer’s time.

Saturday Open

Yes, you are reading it right as Saturday is a working day for us. We are here to facilitate our customers and get their work done on time without any delay. You can contact us and get your project started on any day from Monday to Saturday without the worry of facing delays due to the weekend.

Full 24/7 Support

Customer support is one of the key elements of our embroidery digitizing service. In case you have any kind of queries, you are just one message away. Our 24/7 live chat support is here to give you all the answers to your questions regarding orders, editing requests, and instant quotes.

Mobile Apps Accessibility

Our customers get access to reach out through our iPhone/iPad app available on the App store or they can also download our Android App directly from Google Play.

Our Streamlined Process

Now, let’s have a step-by-step look at our embroidery digitizing service process that we follow for every order big or small we get!


Once we receive the order, our team of experts analyze the file and they will be listing down all the requirements to be precise when working on the customized demand.


After doing a careful analysis, the order will be in the hands of expert designers. They ensure that the stitches within the custom design should be very precise, sharp, and with fewer color changes.

Quality Check

For maintaining the high quality of work, our designers will be sending the converted embroidery formats file to the quality control department for an inspection before the order is delivered to the customer.

Delivery of Digitized Files

Once all the inspection and quality checking is done, the files go to customers. You can download the files once the payment is done. However, if there is any issue and customers are not satisfied, customers can make the edit request until they get the desired work. We also offer a money-back guarantee.

Machine and Software File Formats Available

Machine File Formats: DST, CND, DSB, EXP, T01, T05, T03, T04, T09, JEF, EMT, PCS, DSZ, SEW, PCQ, PEC, TAP, HUS, KSM, PES, and PCD

Software File Formats: Tajima Pulse Software (PFX), Wilcom Embroidery Software (EMB), Melco Condensed (CND).

However, if our customers need any files, they can let us know!


Hopefully, now you will be aware of one of the best companies that you can completely rely on for the embroidery digitizing service. The services are top-notch, with excellent customer support along with a quick turnaround time and great prices. What else do you need? Contact us for your project now!

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