Beware of eReferer: Uncovering the Alarming User Concerns


eReferer is an online platform aimed at boosting website traffic through a reciprocal exchange mechanism, where users visit each other’s websites.

How eReferer Works

The platform’s process is simple: sign up, add your website, and start visiting other sites to earn credits, which can be used to gain visits to your site.

Services and Features

eReferer’s features include:

  • A traffic exchange service
  • Potential SEO benefits
  • A user-friendly interface
  • Targeted traffic options
  • Detailed User Concerns

eReferer user reviews

Issues with Payment for Services: Users have reported challenges with receiving payments, including delays and discrepancies in credited amounts.

Non-responsive Support Team: There are numerous reports of a lack of response from the support team, leading to unresolved user issues.

Accounts Being Deactivated: Some users, including myself, have experienced account deactivation during attempts to withdraw funds. This particularly concerning issue raises serious questions about the platform’s operational transparency and reliability. In my case, after earning credits and attempting to withdraw, I found my account unexpectedly deactivated with no prior warning or clear justification from eReferer. This personal experience echoes the concerns of other users and highlights potential systemic issues within the platform.

eReferer’s Online Reputation

The platform has a moderate reputation online, with a 2.5-star rating on Trustpilot, reflecting mixed user experiences.

Advice for Potential Users

It is advisable for potential users to:

  • Conduct in-depth research and consult various reviews.
  • Test the platform with small transactions.
  • Try to engage with the support team for clarity.
  • Keep detailed records of all interactions and transactions.

eReferer offers a model for traffic exchange that might be appealing, but the mixed reviews and specific issues reported by users, including my own experience, suggest the need for caution. Users should carefully consider these aspects alongside the advertised benefits of the service.

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