ESIM: What is it and what are its advantages?


SIM is an acronym that translates to ‘subscriber identity module’. This small piece of plastic contains essential information, such as our mobile phone number, and allows us to make and receive calls and text messages, as well as use mobile data. However, with the appearance of eSIMs, the days of the traditional SIM card could be numbered. The ‘e’ in eSIM stands for ’embedded’ and it completely changes the concept of a SIM card.

What is an eSIM card?

Unlike a SIM card, an eSIM is a small chip embedded inside the device . It is not possible to remove it and place it in another phone as it is done with traditional SIMs.

The great advance of them lies in the fact that the information they contain is rewritable . This means that you can change networks or mobile operators without having to remove your SIM. You only need to reprogram with the data of the new operator.

At the moment, eSIMs are unlikely to fully replace traditional cards . However, their adoption is increasing and they are increasingly being used as the second SIM in phones. As technology advances, we are likely to see increasing adoption. In this sense, the beginning of a new era in mobile connectivity is marked.

This change represents a significant evolution in the world of mobile telephony . It opens up new possibilities for device manufacturers, network operators and, most importantly, for users. With the ability to switch network operators without physically changing SIM cards, eSIM offers users greater flexibility and convenience.

Advantages of the eSIM

Here are some of the most relevant advantages of an eSIM:

  • Facilitates the change of networks . Switching mobile networks is easier than ever. Instead of having to order a new SIM activation card and wait for it to arrive and then insert it into your phone, you can switch to a different network with a phone call or online. Also, you no longer need to search for an ‘eject tool’ to remove the old SIM from your phone.
  • Allows temporary switching to another network . This type of card can store up to five virtual SIM cards at a time. This means that you can quickly switch between different networks. It is useful if you are in an area without a signal from your usual network.
  • Makes it easy to switch to a local network while traveling . It is no longer necessary to physically insert a local SIM. Using a local mobile network abroad can be much cheaper. In addition, not having to remove your usual SIM reduces the risk of losing it.
  • It allows having more than one SIM. These cards offer the same benefits as dual SIM phones. The most obvious thing is that you can have two phone numbers on a single device. This is useful if you want to have one number for personal use and another for business.
  • Save physical space on the phone. Another advantage is that they will eventually eliminate the need for a physical SIM card and its tray. Smartphone makers could use this space to increase the size of the phone’s battery or add more features.

Disadvantages of eSIM

Here are some of the most important disadvantages of an eSIM:

  • Does not facilitate quick device switching. At this time, if your phone stops working, you can easily take out the SIM and put it in another phone, keeping your number and contact information. This is much more complicated with an eSIM, although storing information and contacts in the cloud is designed to make it easy to transfer data such as contacts from one phone to another.
  • You can’t hide. This type of card cannot be removed from a device . This can be seen as a disadvantage if you have concerns about your movements being tracked. But this can also be an advantage, as it means phone thieves can’t easily hide the location of a stolen phone.

In conclusion, this technology represents a breakthrough in the mobile phone industry. Its integrated design offers a number of significant advantages. For example, greater flexibility to change operators or networks . Even the possibility of having multiple network profiles on a single device. However, it also brings with it some challenges, mainly in regards to the difficulty of quickly switching between devices. Despite these potential drawbacks, it is undeniable that eSIMs are ushering in a new era . And they could become the standard in the not too distant future.

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