Exercise Khula Procedure in Pakistan in Urdu


Exercise Khula Procedure in Pakistan in Urdu:

If you wish to exercise khula procedure in Pakistan in urdu Pakistan best lawyer, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. Khula is an agreement made to dissolve the knownbial connection in exchange of a payment by the spouse to her husband from her own property. Khula It is, in essence, an actual right of divorce bought through the husband’s wife. In Pakistan the word “Pakistan” means Khula It is also spelled as Khoola or Khula and perhaps Khula . Khula literally is “to remove clothes in order to place authority on an unmarried woman”.

Khula in Pre Islamic Law:

In the beginning, the law on khula procedure in Pakistan in urdu Pakistan best lawyer did not contain Khula in Pre-Islamic laws; however, it was included in Muslim Law. In Khula The husband as well as the wife should be in good health and have reached puberty. In the age of puberty, both spouses must be in good health.

Hanafi Law:

Hanafi Law, the guardian of minor wives is able to sign the contract of khula on behalf of her; however, an individual who is the legal guardian for a minor husband is not able to be a participant in the marriage contract on behalf of the minor husband. khula on behalf of him. A khula procedure in Pakistan in urdu Pakistan best lawyer can be signed by any person through an authorized agent, who will work within the limits of his authority.

Shia Marriage:

Under Shia Law and the Arabic language is required in khula and the presence and presence of witnesses mandatory. Two witnesses are also. A consent form must be signed by two witnesses. khula can be unconditional or conditional according to Sunni law; however, under the law, it is not.

Pakistan Best Lawyer:

Shia law or law, conditional khula procedure in Pakistan in urdu Pakistan best lawyer It’s not known. When the husband gives his consent khula Then, it disintegrates as Talaq-ulBian . However, in the event of the conditional khula Under to the Sunni law, Khula is only effective upon the satisfaction of the conditions. It is only when the condition is met that it becomes effective.

khula is effected, all rights of spouses is canceled is effected, with the exception of rights of the wife to maintenance for the period of iddat and the right to reside as a resident of and reside in husband’s home or in the house of her husband, unless explicitly stipulated on. If the wife has not reached an age that allows her to exercise discretion of khula procedure in Pakistan in urdu Pakistan best lawyer If it is granted by the father, she has the right to dower as “father as guardian has no authority over what is called a dower”. There is no specific form to follow. Proposals can be made using the words ” khula ” or through the words that convey the idea of purchase and sale.


Acceptance must be given at the same time. If a wife asks, “give me a khula in exchange for the dower” If the wife responds, “I do”, an effective dissolution of marriage is in effect.

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