Fans attacked Matthew Perry, and many are worried!

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Matthew, who played Chandler Bing in the popular sitcom, struggled with drug, alcohol problems, and drug abuse in previous years, which often reflected on his appearance in “Friends“.

After the trailer for the FRIENDS reunion was released, in which it is noticeable that Matthew Perry speaks vaguely, the fans were worried that the actor was on the wrong path again, and most of them think that Perry does not look good.

It’s a stroke symptom,” “He looks sick,” “It hurts when I see him like this,” were just some of the comments.

However, his team confirmed that on the day of the reunion, Perry had to have an emergency intervention at the dentist, which affected his appearance because he was in great pain.

Also, the director of the sequel to the series “Friends“, Ben Winston, said that there is no reason to believe that Matthew is currently struggling with any health problem.

He was great. Sometimes people are just rude. I loved working with him. He’s an incredibly funny man, and he had great moments in the series,” Ben said.

Kevin S. Bright, the producer of the series, thinks that Matthew Perry is a great actor.

People say what people say. I have nothing to say about it, except that it was nice to see him. And I think he’s a lot of fun in the series. But yes, I think he’s good. He looks stronger and better than the last time I have seen him and I am excited about his progress, ” Bright said in an interview with THR.

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