Flutter App Development: Why Should You Choose it ?


Before we move on, let’s first understand what Flutter is.

Building apps back in the days when Objective C/Swift or Java/Kotlin were the primary languages for mobile programming was costly. It was necessary to create two apps. This meant that you would need to do the work twice.

Several frameworks have solved this problem by allowing cross-platform apps in HTML5 or Javascript. 

Flutter Framework is a popular cross-platform toolkit.

 It has been adopted by developers, entrepreneurs, businesses, and users.

Flutter is a portable UI platform that lets you create native-like apps for mobile, desktop and web.

It can be used from a single codebase. It’s based on the Dart programming language and includes Cupertino and Material Design widgets. As a result, flutter developers can create stunning UI that feels and looks native. It works on all platforms regardless of whether you only use one codebase.

 Flutter is the only framework to offer a mobile SDK, without the need for a Javascript bridge.

As a result, it allows developers to provide a responsive design that rivals React Native. In addition, it integrates seamlessly with Android, IOS, Linux, Windows, and Google Fuchsia apps.

Why should you choose Flutter?

  • One Codebase

Flutter is based on one codebase. It means that developers only need to create the codes once. In addition, it will work for both iOS and Android. A single codebase can be a considerable advantage, reducing development time. Native app developers must write separate code for Android and iOS platforms. This takes up more time and can be costly. Flutter makes it easy to create an app and saves you time.

  • It’s fast

According to Mobile app development company in Netherlands, it is all about speed. Flutter makes it easy for developers to make changes in code. All changes made to the app are immediately visible. Flutter refers to this as “hot reload”; it can be described as Flutter’s hot reload function allowing you to quickly and easily build UIs, add new features, and fix bugs.

Hot reload achieved by inserting new source code files into the Dart Virtual Machine. The VM updates classes with the new fields and functions. 

Flutter rebuilds the widget tree for you automatically. This allows you to quickly see the results of all your changes. This is just one example of how it benefits the designer-developer relationship.

 For instance, your designer could ask your Flutter engineer to make changes, such as “move five pixels to the left.” This will instantly be available, allowing the designer to determine if the design is right.

  • Native app similarities

Google provided the best features of native Android languages for the Flutter framework. Flutter can be described as a wrapper. 

It connects Data with native languages using a special mode known as Platform Channels. Flutter app performance is almost identical to native app effectiveness in most cases. 

This is even more true for advanced UI animations. Flutter apps allow you to operate on any platform quickly. Flutter uses Dart, a programming language that is easy to understand, quick, and compiles into native code.

  • It’s all Widgets: The Flutter Principle

Flutter is a widget-based tech. You can apply object-oriented programming to any element. Flutter allows you to modify and customize widgets easily.

 Flutter also provides UI widgets to meet the critical requirements of web application design.

Since its inception, Flutter has been an open-source framework that has attracted many developers. This community publishes practical code examples regularly and helps developers create beautiful, cross-platform apps.

  • Scalability

Flutter applications are easy to scale up or down as required. Flutter apps are written in Dart, an object-oriented program language. It can be used on desktops (Windows, Mac, and Linux) and web applications. At Flutter app development costs, you can have an all-device cross-platform solution.

  • Best for cross-platform app development

Companies prefer cross-platform development because it offers cost-effectiveness, faster development times, and lower development costs than native development. Before Flutter, cross-platform apps suffered from a loss in performance and native appearance.

Flutter made it possible to create apps comparable to native ones in terms of performance. Therefore, quality and price are not in conflict.

  • Support for older devices

This concerns all developers as new operating systems are constantly released to users. Flutter will make your app look the same regardless of whether it runs on iOS or Android 4.0. This is an essential feature for many reasons.

  1. Developers save time and headaches.
  2. It lowers costs.
  3. It provides a great user experience, which is the primary goal.

Flutter does not charge extra for older operating systems.

  • High-performing Framework

Flutter is a framework that performs well even when compared with native languages. It also easily outperforms cross-platform technology. Flutter’s benchmark is 60 frames per second (FPS), which is very high. In addition, Flutter uses JavaScript Bridge to smooth the initialization of screens, allowing them to appear seamlessly.

  • Rich libraries

Flutter uses the Skia Graphics library, an open-source graphics library that’s fast and stable. Every time a view is changed, it redraws its UI. What is the result? The result? A smooth and quick app loading experience.

  • Pixel Perfect

Flutter uses an internal graphics engine called Skia that supports iOS, Android, and Windows. This software allows for faster development and ensures the app looks identical across all devices.Flutter also doesn’t rely on intermediate codes representations. As a result, creating creative designs with better UI & UX will be easy.

  • Lower development cost

Flutter’s budget-friendly features are another reason to choose Flutter. Flutter app generally costs 30% to 40% less than native apps, even though final project budgets can vary.

  • Google guaranteed

Flutter apps are eligible for Google support if they use the technology. Google will continue to improve the technology, fix bugs and release new versions. Also some flutter app development company are involved in  company Google projects.

For more flutter related updates, get in touch with one of the best mobile app development companies and get promising results for your business.

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