FOAM STRONGER THAN METAL: for cars, airplanes

Photo Credits : JHU/Promo

Traditional protective materials usually cannot be used more than once, which is possible with new materials, so this is another advantage of innovation.

A team of experts from Johns Hopkins University has made a material that absorbs shocks and protects like metal, only it is lighter, stronger, and can be used more than once.

It is a matter that looks like foam, and which could completely change the production of protective helmets, body armor, but also parts for cars and planes.

Photo Credits: JHU/Promo

The creators claim that it provides protection against various influences, and being lighter than those usually used could enable the creation of more comfortable protective elements that are easier to wear, and the production of car parts that would consume less fuel due to reduced weight.

Traditional protective materials usually cannot be used more than once, so this is another advantage of innovation.

The production uses a network of liquid crystal polymers, which are commonly used in robotics and for making parts that drive various machines. 

During the testing, the material withstood the impact of objects weighing between two and seven kilograms, which were moving at speeds of about 35 kilometers per hour. 

The team is convinced that it could withstand even stronger blows, but the speed of the objects is currently limited due to testing machines.

The results of the research were published in the journal Advanced Materials, and negotiations are already underway with helmet manufacturers, which could lead to a new generation of protective equipment that will be more resistant and comfortable to wear.





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