Harry Styles helped a fan come out to her mom

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Harry Styles spotted a poster held by McKinley McConnell. She wrote on it: “My mom is in Section 201. Help me come out.”

Do you want me to tell her?” Styles can be heard asking. “I can tell her. Yeah, no problem, one second.

Lisa, she’s gay,” he shouted, and the thrilled audience started clapping at it. Lisa is then shown on the big screen. At first, she shyly covered her face with her hands, then sent kisses to Harry and her daughter.


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McConnell later told NBC News that she and her mother arrived from Los Angeles after failing to buy tickets for a concert there. That’s why they didn’t sit next to each other.

Afterward, she told me, ‘You always had a flair for dramatics,‘” the fan explained.

“I’m really beyond blessed that both my parents are so supportive. And I think they probably always suspected, even though you try to act like they don’t. She just kept saying she loves me and is proud of me,” McConnell said.

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